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  1. Guys, thanks much. Our committee chair (who has been involved with scouting many years) is the person who told me 4 years ago when my son joined that merit badges need to be completed in one year. Other ASM's have said the same thing. I will discuss this at our next committee meeting. Thanks Dave
  2. Hi, how do other troops handle the 1 yr. rule for merit badges? The reason I am asking is I have a life scout who has completed his eagle project and has now completed all his merit badge requirements but 2 of the eagle required has taken much more than a year to complete. I would like to hear your comments before I say what I'm thinking of doing.... Thanks Dave
  3. Everyone, Thanks much for the feedback I appreciate it. We usually go camping in State parks of Scout camps, state parks are cheaper but we haven't found anyplace for free. Keep in mind we usually have 4-5 boys on a weekend trip so that is why we discussing costs. For Gonzo I can tell you never have camped in central Wisconsin during deer hunting seanson. I guess would could have taken a hike through the woods instead of going to a movie, which was NOT my idea, we ARE a boy led troop and actually let the boys lead.
  4. Hi, I was wondering if any other troops out there have toyed with the idea of paying, for example, the campsite fee for the boys? The reason I ask is we were on a cold, rainy camping trip in November and one of the boys suggested we go see a movie (it was pretty close) and he (past SPL, great scout) asked me if the troop would pay for the movie. I said (as SM) I would have to take it committee. The committee voted no, "the boys should pay for everything" Well this is my dilema. We have a very small troop, we had 5 boys on this outing, so per boy (mainly because of the camping fee) it was
  5. WOW, I guess you can sue for anything but I think this is pushing it a little far. We have a new young scout that definitly has some "issues" beyond the normal ADD etc. and we have said all along if he wants to camp, a parent needs to come. His mom has been o.k. with that so far and we will require it for a long time with him unless some drastically changes..... like some of the others I hope we don't get sued. There definitly is no adult in our small group trained to handle his needs. Thanks Dave
  6. Goodwin, I understand about the waiting list we were there for more than 2 years before he got to go. I'm just trying to find out some info. so I can show him how lucky he is.... The reason he is going again.. is very long but a boy backed out with 2 weeks to go, if he didn't go with other troop they would have to dispand that trek because of the ratio of adults to boys....
  7. Everyone, My son is on his way out to Philmont again this summer, what a lucky kid. My question is how do I find out how many kids get to go to Philmont in the same summer? Thanks Dave
  8. Beav, Glad you son had a great time, we just got back from Philmont and we are going to NT next year. A few of the boys will be going for the second time to NT and they are very excited. I know you couldn't be with him on this trip but your excitement and support for your son is just wonderful and is something he appreciates more than you know. Keep up the great support.
  9. Everyone, We just got back from Philmont and it was by far the best vacation I personally have ever had. I do also appreciate all your help in preperations it helped out very much. The boys had a great time as well. To sum up how our troop did, very simply, the crew leader on the first day said " we don't need a duty roster", he had worked on it and completed it on the train.... I thought for a minute and said well it's up to you not me. We never had a problem with anyone stepping up to do what needed to be done. I can't wait to go back
  10. Thanks everyone, The gloves are for the project we will do on the trail, so far I think one Scout and Adult is taking gloves. It is very dry down there so I'n not worrying about rain pants. The Scout that has no long sleeve shirts, has no long sleeve anything except is rain jacket.... so I assume he will be wearing that quite a bit in the morning. Thanks again, Dave
  11. Hi, we are in the final stages of our trip to Philmont in 5 days. We had our final shakedown last night and here are a few of my concerns... let me know if I should worry or not. 1. There are a few boys taking rains coats but no pants. 2. There is one boy that said he will not take a long sleeve shirt 3. Do we need to take water purifiers or not? I keep hearing it both ways. 4. Do we need to take gloves? 5. Do we need to take soap or is camp zuds provided by Philmont? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks Dave
  12. fgoodwin, We are leaving for Philmont in a month and none of us adults are H&S trained, must be something at Philmont for 2007???? Thanks Dave
  13. Hi, We have received our trek for this summer and it is #8. Where can I find a current itinerary and map for this trek???? Also, any hints out there from someone that has completed this trek???? Thanks much, Dave
  14. Everyone, Thanks much for all your advise I really appreciate it
  15. We have a new young scout in our troop that has some learning and attention difficulties and at most meetings he really behaves badly. I have 3 other younger scouts that have told me I'm thinking about quiting because I just can't stand being around "Jonny". What are the rules of scouting to disapline this scout and what can I say to him and his parent.... Thanks
  16. O.K. I guess I will plead inexperience here..... We haven't had an Eagle scout in at least 5 years...... don't yell at me I just joined with my son........ so the boys don't even know what it is...... that's where I'm coming from... how are they suppose to run something when they have never been to one. They will do it, don't get me wrong but it's just been soooo long since we have an ECOH I would like this one to be nice. I'm not in charge of it so I won't worry about......
  17. Hi, We have an Eagle Ceremony coming up soon which is just great. My question is one of the adult leaders is coordinating this and as asked one of the Star scouts to be the MC for the ceremony..... this just doesn't seem right to have a scout MC this event..... any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks Dave
  18. Hi all, I was giving a Scoutmaster minute the other night, and I started out by asking "what have you learned in scouting?" Once young scout piped up and said: "Kakai pants 10 dollars" "a Scout shirt with all the patches 25 dollars" "what you learn in Scouting PRICELESS" I was so impressed, this is a shy young Scout and I will never forget his repsonse as long as I live. I told him later how great his response was and he said he just came to me.......
  19. Hillis, You have already done the most important thing to be an effective leader..... you have a great attitude....and YOU want to get better.... The entire crew will feed off your attitude more than you ever thought. Keep up the great work. Dave
  20. Hi, I haven't purchased a sleeping pad yet for my Philmont trip. I was just wondering what you guys and gals have used when going to Philmont? Thanks Dave
  21. Pete, Thanks again for all your help.... Are you near Green Bay??? I have a good friend that works in Green Bay and lives in Kimberly. Thanks for the tip on the small pad, I'll have my son take one as well. Dave
  22. Swigs, thanks a million, both my son and I will shoot for 20#. That's what I needed a target. I just bought a pack it weighs 5.2 #, just bought a bag it weighs just under 3#. Thanks for the hint on the rain suit, I don't have a bunch of time to shop around so I'll just head to Cabela's and yeh, I don't need to think about spending $200 on a rain suit. I have not yet purchased a pad yet, but plan on buying my son a 3/4" pad, he doesn't even want to carry one but I told him he needed to. What did you take for camp shoes???? We picked our treks already and I gave them to our council coordinat
  23. Wow, thanks so much for the advise, all 12 of us going have never been there before so I'm gathering all the information I can. One question I have is, when talking to people who have gone... their weight of their backpacks vary from 35# to over 50#. Why is there such a difference.... of course I'm looking to see how I can keep mine at 35# without going broke. Thanks again I really appreciate the advise. Dave
  24. I thought it was 14 years old by 1-1 of the year going OR completed 8th grade. We are going to Philmont in June and have a number of boys that didn't turn 14 by Jan. 1
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