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  1. We use ScoutManage. It's not very intuitive to setup, best if you have a good IS/IT parent do the setup, but once it's done, works well. Has a good web based calendar.
  2. Heres a situation that I believe Ive seen the answer to before, just cant remember the guidance. Can a Scout redo a rank year, if they redo their school year. Example, redo Tiger, if they repeat Kindergarden. Or do they advance with their peers, even though they will be different grades in school? I have a new Tiger who wishes to join as of June 1 completed Kindergarten. However, his new school (public school) has some issues (not sure what, he turns 6 in Sept) with him beginning first grade, and wont make a decision until fall.
  3. Anyone know if any of the recruiting videos are downloadable on the internet? We're having a Cub Scout Roundup next week and want to show a video. I'd ask our DE, but he resigned a month or two ago, and getting the Councils attention without him is difficult. We can use pretty much anything, as long as its high enough resolution to project (ie: not YouTube) thx!
  4. Per the Guide to Safe Scouting, Karate is a "unauthorized and restricted" activity. I have a Karate group that would like to come do a demo for the Pack - is it unathorized to watch in the Pack setting, or does it only apply to participation in the sport? Thanks!!!!
  5. I used to live in DC and attended a couple of these. It will be a huge mass of people. Bathrooms will be at a premium. Bring bottled water, granola bars, patience, and money (there will be street vendors, but at a price). Also weather in DC in Jan can run anything from 70 degrees to the teens, and changeable at that be prepared with heavy rain gear, coats, etc. Be prepared for huge wait times for transport, or mass traffic jams once you are on. Be prepared not to see anything but people being there is the experience, not seeing the President. It is fun though! Just BE PREPARED for 18 -20 hou
  6. We charge $110 a year, with a discount for multiple Cubs, that pays for: 2 Campouts site plus food Badges and awards BSA Fees & Boys Life Pinewood Derby (professionally run) & Raingutter Regatta An End of the year BBQ Our goal is to ask for fees once, and thats the last well ask for any $, other than FOS.
  7. As a follow-up to my previous post, Id recommend asking around, at Roundtable, and anywhere else you run into Pack Leadership. There are cheap places to camp!, especially for Scouts. I can guarantee they are not the mainstream campgrounds, and you will will likely be on your own for everything BUT thats the fun! (at least according to my Cubs)
  8. We include two Cub/Family camping trips in our annual fees, but try to be as cost effective as possible. Recently weve been going to a GSA camp (Fri and Sat night) that costs us around $200 plus our food. The advantages over a public campground are that you avoid the Saturday Night effect people partying in the campground to all-hours, and the reduced fees for a Scouting unit. Our per-person rate is now under $10 with siblings and parents. We do all the cooking and food prep, and ask our Pack to bring their drinks and snacks. We were paying over $600 for the same thing at a public campground,
  9. When I recently returned from Woodbadge, I was explaining to my wife about how earnest everyone was about their involvement with Scouting. She listened, and told me something that has influenced my way of thinking ever since she said that Scouting was not just a hobby, or father-son (or mother-son) activity, but rather a Calling. I think about that when I meet other Scouters now, and Id have to say that the vast majority are answering some kind if call to duty, regardless of their martial status, age, or children (or lack of). I feel thats the real core of the Scouting spirit, a willingness t
  10. Our Pack follows three guiding rules, all activities must be: 1. Fun 2. Safe 3. Age appropriate We tell our leaders, that if rule #1 is not being met, STOP, and try something else. Also at the beginning of our year, when we assemble Dens (September for us), we hold a Den Leader training night no Scouts, just new and old Den Leaders 20 questions, and how to run a Den meeting. We used to take the new leaders, give them the Program Helps, and hope for the best, but the one hour investment has really paid off. 99% of parents who sign up have no clue about what is involved, and ma
  11. Anyone know where this new site is located - was supposed to be launched in August
  12. In addition to fliers etc. one of our moms (a scrapbooker) created VERY nice handmade invitations presented in envelopes. Two were given to each Scout to invite buddies to our Round Up. I think this was incredibly successful for a couple of reasons: 1. Potential Scouts were essentially given engraved invitations to join made them (and their parents) feel special 2. These nice invitations didnt get lost in the shuffle like other fliers 3. Since each boy was given only two, they had think long and hard about who might actually join. Whatever the reason, it worked, well definitely
  13. The story mentioned "The Boy Scouts will roll out a MySpace-type social network site later this month that will allow Scouts, volunteers and alumni to connect and share stories." Anyone know anything about this site?
  14. Hi, been lurking for some time, wanted to contribute where I can. Was a Cub and Boy Scout, and now Cubmaster for my son's Pack.
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