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  1. The Spirit of the Eagle is the award for Scouts who are taken from us before they have a chance to earn Eagle. My nephew, who is forever 12, and was killed in an auto accident, was awarded this.
  2. From the Scalise v. BSA appellate court ruling: ---- Boy Scouts provided informational literature and recruitment flyers for distribution through this system in Mt. Pleasant classrooms. In November 1997, Ben Scalise was a third-grader at Mt. Pleasant's Fancher Elementary. After bringing home a Boy Scout flyer distributed at Fancher, he and his father attended a Cub Scout gathering. At the meeting, Mr. Scalise volunteered to become a den leader. Later, having reviewed Boy Scouts bylaws and mission statement, Mr. Scalise learned that Boy Scout leaders were required to endorse the Boy Scouts'declaration of religious principle, and youth members, depending on their status as Boy Scouts or Cub Scouts, were required to recite either the Boy Scout Oath or the Cub Scout Promise and to abide by either the Scout Law8 or the Law of the Pack. In January 1998, Mr. Scalise sent Boy Scouts a letter explaining the declaration of religious principle to be repugnant to his humanist beliefs and requested an exemption from the requirement. Boy Scouts refused and revoked Mr. Scalise's membership. Subsequently, Mr.Scalise removed Ben from Boy Scouts. ---- My own comment - it is Mt Pleasant, not Mount.
  3. I used to be a BOBWHITE, a good old BOBWHITE, too. But now I'm finished BOBWHITEing I don't know what to do. I'm growing old and feable, and I can BOBWHITE no more. So, I'm going to work my ticket if I can Back to Gilwell, happy land, I'm going to work my ticket if I can. CubBobwhite - EC-CS-19 ScoutBuffalo - C-33-98 Scribe - C-8-6
  4. There is nothing written that says that all requirements for an Academic or Sports beltloop or a pin must be completed within the timespan of one rank.
  5. "Not at all. I am disappointed that a Training chairman would misrepresent the contents of the training the way you did" I just believe there is a difference between mentioning something and teaching it. CBW
  6. You asked my opinion and I gave it. Yes, those subjects are mentioned in those places. Bob - are you just mad at me because I am using an id similar to yours? I'm going to out-out-town for the next couple of days. My #1 son is deploying to Iraq.
  7. I'll tell you what. You start telling me how you feel about it and let me respond. I've already answered you.
  8. "That someONE would be the Pack Trainer, formerly known as "Den Leader Coach"...this is a resource that many Districts and Council Training Committees are ignoring, and a lot of Packs still don't recognize." How many packs have a Pack Trainer? There are not many in my council. Just like there weren't many Den Leader Coaches. CBW
  9. Subjects not covered by more than a sentence include - *Outdoor Program *CS Sports and Academics *Boy Behavior *What is Cub Scouting? *Purposes of Cub Scouting *Methods of Cub Scouting *The roles of the other leaders in the pack Do I see any differences between the five sessions? Not enough to convince leaders that they need to return for the update. CBW
  10. *The five Cub Leader Specific training sessions are almost identical. They use the same videos. They even have the same gathering time activity. *They require five trainers and five TV/VCRs to be done according to the book. Also five rooms. I can no longer hop in the car, drive to a Cubmaster's home and conduct a basic training for his pack leadership in his living room because they will need too many different positions trained. *Because they are glossed over in NLE, the methods and purposes of CS are not emphasized. *Pack leaders are not returning for the next position specific session, despite moving up from TL to DL to WL. I really could go on and on. I have never felt so much like a failure as a trainer than I do after using this syllabus. I've discussed this at length with other trainers in other councils and they don't like this new training continuum either. CBW
  11. In my case, I am the training chairman in my council. I have seen the training syllabus pared down over the past several years to the point where there really is no really "training" happening when it comes to learning specifically about what is expected of leaders as they do their job in Scouting, and how they work with the boys. All of those subjects are now considered supplemental. Yet those leaders are able to wear a trained patch.
  12. And pity on the pack whose new leaders include the cubmaster.
  13. "In any case, the new leader's essential training would not cover how to run a den meeting -- it is designed for new leaders to Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, or Venturing -- and not for crafts." I don't think you guys really read my post. What I statedis thatthe expectations of most Den Leaders is that they are going to get the help that they want and need at Basic Training. "Crafts are covered at the monthly Roundtable trainings" Roundtable is a great resource. But many times it does not meet until after the Den Leader has had a meeting or two. "We are not training people to run a den meeting, we are training people to believe in, and deliver, the values of scouting. That requires an understanding of how we do, what we do, and why we do it. That's what New Leader Essentials is all about" I've been involved with training within my council for a long time. My favorite Cubsyllabus was the one back in the early 90's. We were able to do all of the above AND help the new leaders to feel confident. And what's with all the wisecracks about crafts. I never mentioned crafts in my post and there is allot more to Cubbing than crafts. CBW (whose name is not Carol)(This message has been edited by cubbobwhite)
  14. I know that most new DLs hope and expect to walk away from Basic training prepared to run their den meetings and they don't get trained in doing that at Cub Leader Basic. They want immediate help to do their first meetings, they don't care about the inner workings of the BSA.
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