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  1. Prayers & best wishes for a full & speedy recovery.
  2. Beavah said ....."If yeh really have one of da former, and other people really recognize it, then a wise CC or COR will talk to 'em about how much they need help in the adult Quartermaster position (keepin' the trailer in repair!) or some other such task that uses the fellow for his talents but keeps him out of the kids' way. Ultimately at the point when you tell a parent he/she is not welcome on events you're makin' a decision to lose the kid. It's a rare parent who will accept that, eh? If there are shorter steps, they're worth pursuing. end clip Outstanding! We will
  3. Beahvah sounds like he's been down this path & shares good counsel. It isn't wise to jump to conclusions. To read this thread many would throw this guy under the bus without all the details. That aside, the Troops elders are well aware of the belligerence & foul mouthedness issue. The SM & I spoke on the phone today about these happenings. Too many folks have borne witness for this matter to be denied. The "rough handling" was not a physical assault. It was just extreme rudeness on the edge of abuse (I know...these are fine lines). Again there were multiple witnesses. Some mom
  4. I agree Eagle92. This is a very serioius matter. It could be a sign of something much bigger than what is apparent. In all my years of Scouting I've never been faced with such a troubling or serious situation. Don't worry. I have sufficient clout with Council this man will never attain the leadership position he desires. I appreciate all of your concerns & advice.
  5. Right now I'm still "just a dad" who used to be the District Training Chair. I'm still on the District & Pack Committees (the pack my son just moved up from last year where I was CM). Tragically I wasn't at last night's adult meeting. Other than the belligerence, the SM just became aware of the situation last night so the COR & other leaders probably aren't yet aware of the situation yet. The shoving incident occurred this past weekend. My son was the target. My wife was a witness. This individual is on the charter but hasn't completed any training other than online YP &
  6. He'd like to be Scoutmaster yet he's rough handled a few boys (just shoving & very rude). The swearing might be in the policy somewhere but I can't find it. He's known to take brandy from a flask too. Some of the boys have seen this nipping of "medicine". There is no debating the official position. There's no debating it must be addressed. It's just what to do about it? To address this issue won't be pretty. How have others dealt with this?
  7. Perhaps the easiest way to shorten the sash is a fold held with small safety pins.
  8. My wife stopped at the CYC Store & grabbed a 36 incher. Thanks for all the feedback. ...and a good old Eagle too! NE-II-143
  9. Wow...It's been a while. Funny subject. My son moved up to Boy Scouts last year. He's earned a few merit badges now so I decided to order him a sash this afternoon. BSA offers the new Centennial sash in 30 & 36" lengths. Sash length is a subject I've never heard mentioned before & I've had all the training offered to leaders around here to date. Odd this subject has never come up all these years. Maybe the next roundtable. I'm thinking the taller boys should get the longer sash but this might suggest that dad is implying he should fill it up. The sash is only for fo
  10. We have a boy in our District who has great difficulty handling conventional athletic equipment particularly the long bow. Can anyone recommend a youth friendly supplier of archery equipment &/or other special needs athletic apparatus? Private emails are appreciated. ctpumpkin@optonline.net Thanks, Steve Jepsen Pack 177 Stratford, CT
  11. Thanks for all of the feedback. I love the Scout Spirit Award even if I disagree with making it the "largest trophy". We have a couple boys that are really pouring themselves into the workshops & deserve special recognition for it. A derby is still a race & I wouldn't want to down play the significance of that for the boy that wins the race. Our last "Official Hands on Car Workshop" was today. Like the others it was a great time with plenty of learning & building. We even had 2 siblings get in on the affair. Because not every car is complete & to avoid any let d
  12. Our Pinewood Derby rules require the Boys use the standard BSA Grand Prix kits to build their own car. The Boys are permitted to make various improvements to enhance performance. This year I successfully lobbied for 2 hands-on "Build Workshops" as well as 1 of our Packs more traditional "Skills Workshops" (no car - just practicing on scrap lumber). Single parents, the "all thumbs crowd" & the "tool challenged" really appreciated this effort. As their Cubmaster I enjoyed the chance to work more closely with some of the Boys too. My wife is a Den Leader. Last night one of her Boys
  13. Mr. Jepsen to the boys & (horrors) the younger parents. This is a matter of our Boys learning & showing respect. Nothing more.
  14. After 7 hours over 4 nights all of the ribbons have been removed. Some I was not able to detangle & they were cut. This was no great loss since once down deep into the maze it appears the older ribbons had been reinforced with new string which did hold the ribbons but made the resulting knots impossibly difficult to untangle. Our Council store didn't have replacement cord nor did the local fabric store. tonight is Roundtable & I'm hoping to find a source of the correct cord. If not I'll contact Hodges who manufactured the pennants & streamers for many of the years. Counci
  15. Thanks Everyone. I was composing as some additional posts were made. Too busy working to slouch off today I guess. It would be great to display these in a brick & mortar building if we had one. Our Pack meets in the cafeteria of a local middle school so we don't have this option.
  16. Thank you Anarchist I like the idea of scanning the ribbons. I have already started to inventory the ribbons in Excel but scanning or a color copy to go along with it is a great idea & one I can handle here at home. Thus we can encourage folks to browse the book rather than handle the actual items. Part of what prompted this concern was several Cub-O-Ree ribbons from 1977 that have become so brittle (not silk) they have torn off their cords. Even the grommets are missing & there is evidence of past repairs (staples). These I will find a plastic sleave for since they are nearl
  17. I have a dilemma of sorts. Our Pack is 53 years old. Our flag poles were pretty close to that. So we just purchased new poles a toppers since the old wooden pole toppers won't fit the new vinyl coated metal poles we selected. Our flags are in great shape & clean too. The gold cord will live to see another season. The oldest ribbon on our Pack flag topper is dated 1959 & every decade since then is well represented with at least several ribbons from every year since 1963. The result is literally hundreds of ribbons weighing several pounds resulting in a very impressive (yet top
  18. Wow.....what a terrific set of resources you all are. I am in awe. I suppose it was the very physical nature of the summer camp field events that coincided with his coming more aware of his disability that made him want to rethink Scouting. Timing had so much to do with his experience. Like everyone this time of year we will be meeting in committees (Popcorn, recruitment, School nights, etc) but I will make the time to meet with all concerned leaders & discuss some of these ideas. When the time is right, I will share the "little house" story & also intend to find out so
  19. We have a boy entering our Pack as a Tiger (severe Dwarfism). His disablity limits use of his legs & hearing. His cognitive abilities, behavior & attention are generally outstanding. His brother is a Bear & his mother a Bear Den Leader (staying with Bear den). The Tiger den will obviously be new with new leadership. Speaking with his mother after Scout Camp (many of our boys attended), our new Tiger was getting down about Scouting after comparing his own physical performance to those of his colleagues. He failed to finish many field events & was disgusted by his inabi
  20. Washington was a Christian as has been well documented. http://www.wallbuilders.com/resources/search/detail.php?ResourceID=13
  21. I missed it live. Searching for it online turned up this article. http://www.cnsnews.com/ViewNation.asp?Page=%5CNation%5Carchive%5C200107%5CNAT20010731b.html
  22. Jamboree spokesman Gregg Shields said the accident happened between 4:30 and 5 p.m. while the leaders were setting up camp. One other leader from Alaska and a contract worker were hospitalized in stable condition. All the youths with the Alaska group were fine, said Bill Haines, chief executive officer of the Western Alaska Council. Those killed were longtime leaders with Anchorage's Troop 711, which along with another troop had brought 80 Scouts between the ages 13-15 to the event, Haines said. Three other Scout leaders had come with the group. ______end clip______________________
  23. The Associated Press Monday, July 25, 2005; 7:45 PM BOWLING GREEN, Va. -- The Boy Scouts of America says five of the organization's leaders were killed in an electrical accident during the opening day of the Boy Scout Jamboree.
  24. How difficult will Wood Badge training be for a person with a walking disability? Are the trainers able to accomodate the disabled? Thanks & YIS, Steve
  25. ConnCM

    Den Issue

    Thanks everyone for the good ideas. Scouting related items would have been more appropriate. A policy to structure disbursement of leftover funds is good too. Throughout the year the boys have noted a "bias" of sorts. So have I. Little things like prefered sunglasses for a Blue & Gold skit. First in line at every event. Front of the den in all photo-ops. Eight year olds are much more attuned to these things than we give them credit for sometimes. When parents notice & make comments, then the issue is on the verge of becoming a problem. Thanks again.
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