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  1. Just went through this with my son. Locking types were a bit tough on the small fingers. So, a non-locking seemed to be better. I'll warn ya now, just make sure you have some butterfly bandages and first aid kit. Had to use ours last week, just days after working on completing the Whittlin Chip. Yep, he cut himself closing the blade. However, taught him a lesson. Keep that finger along the side, just like a firearm. And not curled over so the blage will get ya.
  2. I'm one of the first ones that went to a "Year Around" school here in the US. This was in the late 70's, and it was a new HS in California. We were on the 45-15 schedule, and I loved it. It was like you had several mini vacations all year long. It does have its plus & minus. A big plus for me was that I graduated from HS a year early. On those "off" periods, you were allowed to take classes. Most places wont let you do that now, since they need 4 years of standardized test on ya for $$$. But for me, I figured, why stay in HS a whole year when I only needed 2-3 months. Year
  3. As a Den Leader, I have some stuff that is done in the Den, and other stuff that is done at home. Specifically, those items that are "Family" items or religious related. I might have some of the boys share what "Family" stuff they have done so others can have ideas. Plus, the boys always love talking about themselves. The main thing I have with my parents/scouts is that they need to look at the handbooks and not just set it aside until the next meeting. Most of the time, they realize that oh.... we do this, and this, and that, and oh this too. Before they realize it, they've done
  4. I just received an email from our Council that come 2010, mandatory training is required before ANY youth contact. As a fairly new Cub Scout Parent/Den Leader (This will be my third year), I was motivated enough to go get trained and actually had YPT done before me and my son was even signed up for Cub Scouts. However, some of our adult leaders just have YPT. My ADL is a good example. I have a den of 6 maybe 8 this year. I lost two because the kids are getting into other activities, and their families can't make the commitment. And my other families are just as busy. We just did
  5. I've looked into the program. And I think it is pretty worthwhile. I'll have my son work on some of the items. Maybe even get my daughter to look into it. As a Den Leader, I'll present the info, but leave it up to the cubs and thier families if they wish to work on it. We have enough stuff in our den to keep us busy. I'm sure BSA would like to make sure it is very seperate, so, I can at least help out the boys that might be interested.
  6. Although I didn't do everything in the Program Helps, it did provide me with ideas for the Den meeting. It was a great help for a new Den Leader. I can see maybe dropping them out of the Scouting Mag, and have the Den Leader be provided them by the Pack Committee, but to drop them all is silly. And as a new Bear Den Leader, I looked at what we need to do next year, and the way the Den is set up, I will not be doing very many Acheivements at our meetings. Since Bears are setup to decide on the things they want to work on? I've already tasked my son with, which ones do YOU want to d
  7. It only applies to the "Classic" Khaki scout uniform. I was going to get a new cubscout shirt & switchback for my son, but noticed the code would not work. It did work if I was ordering Khaki Leader shirt/pants. I guess the cub scout uniform is not "Classic" enough. LOL
  8. Our Pack has that rule. It kinda works. There is still a small core of folks that do all the work. But, part of that is they don't let go and have been doing stuff for years. However,next year, since most are moving on to Boy Scout, we will see if other parents step up to the challenge. The biggest motivator has been, if parents don't step up, certain things wont get done. Like Pine Wood Derby and other labor intensive activities that the boys love. It's kind of hit and miss, but when a parent is pressed to help, they usually do help.
  9. As a previous Tiger, Wolf, and now Bear Den Leader, my advise to you is that you wont be able to please everyone. Keep smaller dens, and sadly, there may be boys that drop out. Case in point, earlier this year, we had some new boys that wanted to join as Wolves. No problem. But since we were up to 12 wolves, as the Den Leader, I told the parents we need to split the den and I'd help, but I can't run two dens. Some couldn't make it on our regularly scheduled night, so I offered to support another night and they could take that Den with CC approval. Only one other scout besides my son
  10. We just had a large discussion at our last roundtable about numbers on uniforms. It's easy. Cub Scouts are still red (Note: This includes Webelos). This is both cubbies & leaders. And for both Webelos and leaders, red is the numbers for both the old & new shirts. For Boy Scouts. It's the new green numbers.
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