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  1. It's not an outing! It's an outdoor activity- meaning- an activity that happens outdoors. They are doing orienteering. Anyway, things have changed for me. Since my 3rd oldest child will also be away that night, I cannot leave my 3 younger children at home alone. The instructor for the cert class says to just do the class online, which means that I am now available to attend boy scouts tonight, along with my younger three children.
  2. Oh, and to make my planning a bit more complicated- it had been arranged for our boys to go to 11 year old scouts with the neighboring troop. I asked the bishop if that's what our webelos would do. (I think it's a bit crazy to send them off to another troop for one year and then come back, but the bishop's in charge.) He said, "yes", they will go to the other troop. (In the "D" wad.) That was before the latest information on combining cub scouts with a different pack. (In the "C" ward.) So, I asked, if the cub scouts go to the "C" ward, then shouldn't they then go on to 11 year old boy s
  3. I don't know if you all love the juicy saga of my cub pack, but thought I'd update you. We had a meeting tonight. (Was supposed to be last week, but committee member emailed us the day of- on a Sunday, when many of us aren't online. Several of us told her we need at least a day's notice, so she did this time.) The Primary president came to our meeting. (This is lds scouts.) I like it when she comes. She's a sensible person. I got permission to spend money on craftsman. Woohoo! We've made tangrams and a frame. We need to do one more wood project and three not-wood projects. (W
  4. In bears, you only have to do half the stuff. We didn't do the overall boring stuff. For self we did games, building muscles, shavings, and build a model. For family- they do family fun and outdoor adventures with their family. What's cooking can be fun with a little boring stuff mixed in. (The webelos' version is very boring.) For wolves, we had felt food pieces to help make the whole thing a bit more interesting. For the important people- we counted articles. I found a website with lots of articles on people, who have helped with the environment and they weren't quite so long. Bike
  5. I'm not real good with the book work stuff. I try to get it done at scouts because boys either don't do it at home, or don't do it thoroughly. (Yeah, kinda the "wink wink". I just had a boy bring me his book, which his mom signed off everything he supposedly did. We didn't have any den campouts, so I don't know how he could have possibly helped cook one of our den's meals. He had also supposedly given a 3 minute talk to the den. That makes me wonder if he really did talk to a librarian about the dewey decimal system.) I like to give the boys something to do with their hands, while we ta
  6. There's more to belt loops than sports. There's a whole set of academics belt loops and the pins have really different requirements. There are many academic belt loops that are either requirements or options to count toward webelos activity badges.
  7. I talked to cub master (mom of a boy) and she's happy to go. Two of the boys have older brothers in the troop, but hers and mine don't, so maybe they'd feel awkward. I guess I feel like a frumpy mom and would be embarrassing to young boys, trying to look cool for their older peers. The boy scouts meet every other week or two times a month or something like that. I think. I should look into this! I don't know what boy scouts do. When I was a kid, I went to boy scouts with my dad sometimes. I remember them playing a lot of dodge ball and not much else.
  8. Okay, so does this sound crazy to anyone else? The boys graduate to boy scouts and go to another troop for 1 year (to the other ward), then when they are 12 they transfer back to our ward's boy scouts. Should I urge for a change? It just sounds weird to send my son to another troop (even if it is just the 11 year old patrol) for only a year. He'd have a different scoutmaster. With that in mind, should I then be contacting, whoever does 11 year old scouts in the other ward for the boys to visit?
  9. But if the book says to earn the belt loop, then earning the pin wouldn't count for the badge, would it?
  10. I realized, though, that this isn't what the webelos will go into right away. They will go to the other ward for 11 year old scouts (patrol for only 11 year olds) and then when they turn 12, they'll get to come back to our ward for regular boy scouts. The CERT course is 6 weeks long. The first day is tomorrow night, which is why I need to make a decision asap. It will not be held for another year.
  11. It's not a campout- just the bi-weekly boy scout meeting, but they are having an outdoor activity, so the webelos can join and sign that off. The reason I ask about my attendance is that there is a CERT course being offered in my community (Community emergency response training) and I thought I'd go get myself educated to help out my community. It is being held on the boy scout meeting night. My helper (cub master) cannot attend either. Couldn't I just verify with the scout master that all the boys attended? (And make sure it's okay with him that they aren't accompanied by me? I think I'
  12. I've arranged for my webelos den to join with the boy scout troop next week for an outdoor activity. (Orienteering) Do I have to go?
  13. What is this card you speak of? Does it have to be purchased? Our boys are awarded belt loops and.or pins, but no card. As for the answer to the question, I don't see the need to have duplicate belt loops. The boy can re-earn the belt loop as a webelos, but doesn't need to be given another.
  14. We're definitely trying to combine. We only have 4 webelos at the moment and one will be moving soon. The boy with the first birthday, turns 11 Jan 3rd and my kid is the end of February. Those two will definitely earn aol by December. The 3rd boy's birthday is in July, so he can't earn aol until mid January at the earliest.
  15. I have read that you can ask the Order of the Arrow to come do an Arrow of light ceremony. Is that correct? Do they typically charge for the service? How far in advance should we ask about this? We're planning for a December ceremony. I've been to two ceremony's put on by the pack and they are really, really lame, but maybe that's the way they are supposed to be?
  16. Someone is selling a bunch of merit badge books and I want to know if it's a good deal. Do you normally have to purchase the merit badge book for each badge? Or can they be lent out and borrowed around the troop? Is there a list somewhere, stating the year of the last update to the merit badge? (I don't want to purchase out of date books.)
  17. As are ours. They want us to recruit boys, who are not LDS. (We have had non-lds boys in our pack for years.)
  18. I was advised to have the boys do aquanaut with their families on their own time, so as not have to deal with the cub scout safety precautions. My son didn't do the boat part because we just went to the local indoor swimming pool.
  19. A Row boat is different from a canoe. Row boats are less tippy. The aquanaut badge specifically says to use a rowboat for the achievement. I don't know how that could be interpreted as "canoe".
  20. I'm, honestly fine with the number of boys we have, though it would open up some more possibilities with more boys. (Play games that involve more kids.) My problems are pretty much leadership problems. I have a hard time dealing with some of the leaders. I just thought we should do as our stake people tell us to do- and that was to recruit. Perhaps they just have no clue about the lack of cub aged boys in this tiny area.
  21. Because the other leaders didn't want us. I'm not the one making the decision. I have no say over it-, though if I had a say I'd combine anyway. There are three wards that meet at our meetinghouse. We got the approval to join with one and they were very unhappy with the idea. While I was on vacation, the leaders of the two packs had a meeting. I hear it didn't go well. The new plan now is for a specific person (not me) to research other packs to see if there is another small one that wants to join with us and is also not a burden to send our boys to. That doesn't fit with the other wa
  22. All the 8-10 year olds at church are already in cub scouts and active. The one that is not active at church is in our pack, but hasn't been active in scouting since May. We have no 11 year old scouts. (Actually, there are two 11 year old boys, but they are not interested in scouts at all. They are too busy with sports- and sports is most important to their families.) We were given the okay from the stake to combine our pack with another ward, but they don't want us. Someone has been assigned to study out another pack that we might join with, but it sounds extremely unlikely to happen.
  23. Since the whole joining up with another pack didn't pan out, we were advised (by a higher up lds cub scout person) to recruit boys to ours. We currently have almost 2 wolves (1 boy joins in a couple weeks), 2 bears, and 5 webelos, except one hasn't been to a meeting since May. We have always had non LDS boys in our pack and they aren't scared off by prayers. They've even offered to say prayers. LDS units are divided up by geographical region. Ours consists of 3 streets, 3 blocks. We know of one boy in our area, who is cub age, but the family has made it very clear that they are not inte
  24. I think I'll also apply for traffic safety. As a certified child passenger safety technician, I am quite the expert on vehicle safety.
  25. The guy responded. I just have to turn in my application and then I can be a counselor. There will be a training meeting at the end of the month. Would merit badge counselor training be included in this?
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