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  1. Our Spring Camporee was a "night time" event. We did a variation of the above mentioned "Relief at Mafeking" from the US Scouter site. Some of the events... -fire starting -3 point orienteering course -finding north without a compass -Kim's game -Morse code Shoot me your email and I'll send you the bulk of the details. This event was so popular that we're doing it again this coming Spring.
  2. Gags... Check your PM.
  3. We often leave early enough on Sunday morning for them to get to their own church.
  4. Here's what I'm not understanding... As the CS Roundtable Commissioner, how did you not already know of this rule? Whether by word of mouth from other District Cub leaders or by the visits/discussions with this troop prior to your joining it? I know that every prospective parent meeting we sit in, stuff like this is brought up by us or the parent (our troop also doesn't allow women to camp with the troop, but they can be an ASM, all of which is another story for a different thread). The bulk of this parents scout training and experience is in Cubs, where parents (often times, mother
  5. Our troop's PLC dictates this sort of "rule". Most of our scouts have no desire to have "mom" on a campout with them. Currently, moms are not allowed to camp overnight with the troop. However, mothers are encouraged to participate in as much of the remaining troop activities as they like (transportation, meeting attendance, committee chairs, etc). Luckily, we haven't had many, if any, moms step up and be adamant about going on a campout. If and when we do, the issue will be brought before the PLC.
  6. Our CO has a couple of stipulations that affect the way our troop (and pack) work and are structured... 1. All registered adults (Scoutmaster, Asst. Scoutmasters, Cubmaster, Den Leaders, and Committee Members) have to be members of our church (the CO). 2. Since our Troop and Pack are considered ministries of our church, we're also hamstrung when it comes to fundraising. 3. We do get access to the church vans, which come in handy pretty often.
  7. We just started with ISAs. First off, the paperwork side of it is a pain in the neck. Otherwise, with our troop... We collect a small amount each year at Recharter time for dues, which covers most of the administrative stuff the troop needs to operate, like patches, badges, awards, etc. Any and all "fundraiser" money would go to two areas; #1 to the troop for purchasing of equipment (including troop-owned tents) or any other "big ticket" items the troop deems necessary to purchase. #2 would go into the Scout accounts, where they could use their ScoutBucks to pay for any outing
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