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    Eagle Scout, two sons are Eagle Scouts. Currently Trustees' Chair for a United Methodist Church that charters boys' Troop, Girl's Troop, and Cub Scout Pack. Served as Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster, Cubmaster, Den Leader, Troop Committee Chair, Pack Committee Chair, Council Board Member, District Commissioner, Unit Commissioner. Silver Beaver and District Award of Merit.

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  1. I'm the current Board of Trustees Chair for a UMC congregation that chartered a Troop for 101 years. We also chartered a Cub Scout Pack and a Girl's Troop. In the past, I served as Scoutmaster for the Troop (among many other Unit, District, and Council positions) and my wife (a former Scout Office employee) acted as the COR for the church. The Troops and Pack elected to execute an Affiliation Agreement with the church, with the Council acting as Chartering Organization. The cutover process proved difficult due to the on-line Recharter web application's inability to process the new Affiliat
  2. Thanks for the welcome and encouragement! I was SM and Committee Chair for the church-Chartered Scout Troop and CM and Committee Chair for the Pack. Currently, I'm Chair of the church Trustees and no longer registered with BSA. The Trustees get to work through the relationship between the church and the units going forward. As a Trustee, I have a responsibility to protect the assets of the church. But I still have a lot of residual loyalty to the Troop and Pack and want to see Scouting continue in our community. The most elegant solution (given the current options available) for t
  3. I've been lurking for a number of months on Scouter.com. I finally took the plunge and registered. Understaffed LCs can't support the administrative requirements associated with an LC-sponsored unit. This makes the UMC Affiliation Agreement a non-starter. Furthermore, an understaffed LC can't help a unit find a new Chartering Organization should the unit elect to retain its UMC meeting/storage space via the Facilities Use Agreement. Prospecting and signing up a new CO will likely require some significant District Exec support, especially now that more national organizations (Elks, VFW
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