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  1. Please delete my previous uploads. I found a software program https://www.tracker-software.com/product/pdf-xchange-editor that created the most comprehensive pdf file i have ever used in very little time. This IS the document we are being sent by Omniagent. My apologies if you are on a metered connection.. 2069823644_Docket6445.pdf
  2. I have bookmarked the modified Fifth ammended Chapter 11 Plan to make it easier to follow. The one being sent will be too small to read without special software (4 pages to each of both sides of paper. Bookmarks are designed to work best in whole page view many bookmarks are on the same page. If any bookmarks are wrong drop me a note here. 345862489_MODIFIEDFIFTHAMENDEDCHAPTER11PLANOFREORGANIZATIONFORBOYSCOUTSOFAMERICAANDDELAWAREBSALLC.zip
  3. Re: Bates White question Child Abuse Statistics The Long-Term Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse: Counseling Implications
  4. Download the pdf, open it in a browser ( Phones will be too small to read, use a tablet or computer ). find on page "award". Do not add quotes when finding. The Judge must follow this documents. Federal Rules of Civil Proceedure LOCAL RULES OF CIVIL PRACTICE AND PROCEDURE OF THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF DELAWARE
  5. Claims to be adjusted aaccording to the CLI Trust Distribution Procedures). b. Claims Matrix The Claims Matrix establishes six tiers of Abuse Types, and provides the range of potential Allowed Claim Amounts assignable to an Allowed Abuse Claim in each tier. The first two columns of the Claims Matrix delineate the six possible tiers to which an Allowed Abuse Claim can be assigned based on the nature of the abuse. The Base Matrix Value column for each tier represents the default Allowed Claim Amount for an Allowed Abuse Claim assigned to a given tier, in each case based o
  6. The correct term for BSA sexual perpetrators is not "pedophile" Hebephilia - Wikipedia
  7. Bottom number of the Trust Distribution Procedures as defined by the TCC without mitigation is $26,197,703,000.00 Settlement must be somewhere between $26 and $102 billion to be acceptable as proposed.
  8. Thank You. I didn't see the mitigating factors in the TDP. You confirmed it. I guess the Discovery will expound on it. There are still much to be mediated. I see many insurance companies still to be bargained with.
  9. Does the Trust Distribution Proceedure Payout account for the highest bracket or combine all that we experienced? Are the original factor multipliers still valid or did they change?
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