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  1. Since AIS is currently being discussed I just wanna throw in my personal experiences. 1) I think I got 2 seperate case numbers. 1 for AVA and one from AIS (I had a one time abuse incident at a camp so Don't think I should have 2 case numbers). I signed up through AIS and it is a bearded guy that I see in the update videos. I have no idea if this is just me not understanding what I received in the early days of the lawsuit or if the AIS numbers could possibly be as much as double what it truly is. 2 I sent a support email months ago when their was some searchable list
  2. Hello again. Firstly I want to apologize for the way I acted in the part 3 thread, got a little emotional and over reacted. I have some more questions I want to ask about the logistics of this case but first a peace offering. Would you guys be interested in me posting some relevant portions from my AIS update email? (Recieved 7/9). The main things I took away from the email are 1 don't listen to headlines claiming deal has been reached 2 the insurance is where the bulk of the $ is coming from so don't worry/ focus on the other contributions 3 it
  3. Thanks for that I have been trying to find something like this but was only able to get specific examples of cases. I'll delete my previous post since you think it is not appropriate even though I think this is exactly the place to ask this kind of question and in fact could not find a more appropriate place to ask that question anywhere else on the internet. If this forum isn't a place for victims to talk about the case then I'll leave and you wont see any more posts from me, but I think its incredibly weird to tell me its inappropriate to ask what a payout in a settlement would b
  4. Hey I'm new to this website and this discussion thread so sorry if it is explained deeper in the thread, but I don't understand how the numbers vary so much. Like cynical scouter just used 1.4 billion as the expected number but the quote I posted is from an article that I believe I was sent by my lawyer as an update on the case. I don't know if I'm allowed to link to outside sites but its from a USA TODAY article. I just don't understand how their can be such a huge gap between the TCC and BSA groups and even between the 1.4 billion vs the 2-7 mentioned in the arti
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