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  1. No survivor in a SOL state will ever vote for a plan where they get nothing. Or would they no longer have a vote?
  2. Texas has no statute of limitations for sexual abuse of a minor. How is it that they are ‘Gray 3’?
  3. The mental fallout from my abuse was mostly dormant prior to the current lawsuit. It would still torment me in idle moments. Or at night sometimes when I lay in bed trying not to blame myself after so many years for something I didn’t even understand at age 11. After I signed onto the lawsuit I began to scavenge info from the web, constantly looking for updates. It became almost an obsession. Thats how I found this forum. The dialog here calms me to a degree. Perhaps being among birds of a feather, both as a survivor and as a former Scout. Please don’t lock the thread. It’s a va
  4. I’m a quiet newcomer here who was abused multiple times by my SM. Until the lawyers physically rape me they are nowhere near as bad as the predator who actually did. I’ll return to quietly watching the discussion again.
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