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  1. How about Ultimate High Adventure through the Great Alaska Council- trips are tailored to your crew. Sea Kayaking, hiking, ice climbing, rafting, biking, fishing- most anything thing you could want to do in The Last Frontier. It's the adventure of a lifetime.
  2. Our troop has presented a state flag with the scout's name and our unit number on it to scouts that have moved. We had the rest of the scouts and the troop adult leadership sign the flag with a silver marker, too.
  3. Our contingent fee was $3000. It included airfare from Anchorage to Washington, six nights in a motel in DC, five days of touring (with a tour company), meals, bus to A.P Hills & back to airport, Jamboree fee, large duffel bag, two JSPs, two jamboree troop numeral patches, patrol patches, two polo shirts, a hat, & a visor. The council bought tents and pre-sold them at half price to parents & troops (to be given to the new owners after the Jamboree). It did not include the airline baggage fee ($50). The scouts were required to bring two Class A uniforms and their own sleeping bag,
  4. The link for the arena show is Live Video Streaming Services
  5. How funny - this thread reminds me so much of my son. On his first out-of-state scout trip, he was too "tough" to use the sunblock he had with him. Now he religiously applies it whenever he thinks he has even the slightest chance of sunburn. He had scabs on his shoulders!!! Then, on his trek at Philmont last summer, he was "saving" his last pair of clean socks but not washing the others. His feet looked like he had taken a vegetable peeler to them. But- lesson learned. He now carries more socks with him then he thinks he really needs. And I think if he gets a chance, he'll
  6. My son watched "Pay it Forward" when he was working on Citizenship in the Community.
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