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  1. I do think they put more emphasis on Summer Camp than the Scouting Community. The whole purpose of the order is to have an outward impact on the Scouting program, not inward focus on building Scout Camps, which is what many of the lodges have done. There is a larger non-OA member scouting community out there that needs the Lodge service more now than ever before.
  2. I know of people who always write these dissertations of how this person can walk on water - they attempt to put feeling into their nomination by suffering burn out when it comes to the nomination process. It just becomes a one a year "best last year festival." State what they have done, state what they are currently doing, and state where you think the program would be tomorrow with them. And you have a Jackpot. Remember - all of the Vigil Nominations are voted on via the youth, not the adults.
  3. So I think we have an oversensitivity issue here. How a Chartered Organization obtains it's money and it structures it's budget is none of the BSA's concern nor is it their business. If the Chartered Organization has a Bingo or a Raffle to raise money for the Troop - that is their business. The Troop is benefitting what the CO does, and the BSA has no say in how they operate it. If it is a BINGO then it needs to be handled legally, with the Troop or Crew Benefitting. Can a Unit run said Bingo or raffle? No. PERIOD. However - there is NOTHING that says that the chartered or
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