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  1. one of the retired principal at my school and he is deceased. He told that story to my dad regarding of that 93 lifescouts. He was very close to Aumon Bass. I can recall of going into his office and visit him and saw Aumon Bass's silver beaver certificate framed on the wall. that picture with 5 eagle scouts and a scoutmaster. I saw that one when i was young. And now I looked at that pics on this blog. My feeling toward that picture was rather overwhelming and powerful. Not only that, Aumon Bass had given a very powerful impact toward me while visiting him at the nursing home. Overwhelm
  2. I saw that photo and have seen a real thing that include 5 eagle scouts. I personally know one of them that it is Ralph Kiser. He is deceased. That photo is a very special one in our troop history. I knew warren blackwell as well. THis picture chills my spine as well, because i personally knew Aumon Bass., kiser and blackwell. Now, Aumon Bass, my dad and i visited Mr. Bass at Farmsville nursing home. He was in the mid 90's. The very thing he would say Paul, have you gotten your Eagle Scouts yet. He is a shrine to many deaf people who left VSDB.
  3. actually there were three scoutmaster- one is Al deuel- Deceased, Wayne Frick- assistant scoutmaster- retired and alive and my dad was also a assistant scoutmaster and he lives in montreal. both of them are nearly 80 by now. Now, that man who you saw that phot at the governor mansion. his name is warren blackwell. I personally knew him and his record was shattered by having 3 plams earned- bronze , silver and Gold. The early days as you mentioned 5 eagle scouts- I do know Flae shook, his son is also deaf- wayne shook, he was a life scouts. and Fred Normans- her daughter was a deaf actres
  4. I am one of the eagle scouts at Virginia School for the deaf. I ve attained that rank in 1984. I personally knew these five deaf eagle scouts and the first deaf scout master Aumon Bass. i went to his funeral and his wake. In fact, He had 93 life scouts and he personally turned down 75 life scouts of becoming an eagle scout, because he think they are not worthy of becoming eagle scouts. And also I do personally knew one or 3 of the 5 deaf eagle scouts and he is dead now. He boasted his robbin type 1 or 2 medal at va school for the deaf and blind. And also I personally knew Warren Blackwell wh
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