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    Eagle Scout from Omaha, NE, born and raised. I have a family with a daughter in orchestra and a son in Cub Scouting. I was away from scouting for 20 years (after high school) and have returned to work with my son and other youth and pass on the values I learned from scouting. My son is a member of the same Pack I was in as a youth. Honor, Loyalty, Service.

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  1. CedarsEagle

    Scout BSA Uniform Survey (Girls)

    So is the current Centennial Uniform being phased out or is this just an option for the females? I just bought 3 Centennial and 3-4 gently used ODL uniforms last fall when I came back to Scouting with my son.
  2. CedarsEagle

    New Member

    Thanks. I am from southwest Omaha (Millard area). However the Bohemian Cafe here in town just closed this past fall.
  3. CedarsEagle

    New Member

    Greetings from Omaha, NE. Proud Eagle Scout and father. As of March of this year I am the new Cubmaster for my son’s Pack which also happens to be the pack of my youth (Pack 492 Mid-America Council Omaha). My wife and I bought a house in my old neighborhood. I am an Eagle Scout (class of ‘97, Troop 492) and after a twenty year hiatus it’s great to be back. It didn’t take but one recruiting night last fall to remind me of what I had missed and as timing would have it, the previous Cubmaster was ready to step back as he and his son are crossing over next February. So here I am. It’s great to be back in Scouting. Its been a great first year and I am looking forward to all the fun and adventures with my son and all of our Scouts while sharing my experiences and giving back what I learned through the values of Scouting.