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  1. I generally agree with the above two replies. Ask him what he thinks he did wrong, and why, and how he can improve. The boy will likely be harsher on himself at this point than you would ever need to be. Be positive about his coming forward about all this, and taking this step.


    What you should not do is threaten punishment, withhold any advancement, or otherwise be a disciplinarian. Its a chance for him to realize his mistakes, to figure out what he can do better next time and improve.

  2. Doesn't sound like this District Eagle Board Councilor knows what he's talking about.


    As Col. Flagg quoted above it can be started any time. Also from the Eagle Scout Workbook


    Eagle Scout candidates must use the official Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook, No. 512-927, as produced by the BSA and found at www.scouting.org/advancement. Although it is acceptable to copy and distribute the workbook, no council, district, unit, or individual has the authority to produce or require additional forms, or to add or change requirements, or to make any additions, deletions or changes in the text, outlines, links, graphics, or any other elements of the workbook.

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  3. Its rather interesting to me how different BSA and GS are. In our Pack we are always recruiting, wanting more Cub Scouts, the more the merrier, please join us! My daughter's primary GS Leader (my wife is a Co-Leader) doesn't want to do any recruiting for them. This will be their second year (1st graders) but the woman doesn't want to allow any more girls in. We have a small pool of kids to pick from in our area, but still, why would you not want more kids to experience your scouting? I just don't get that.

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  4. I have found the more modular approach has worked out well for us. An adult can do a few videos at a time, that fits their schedule instead of having to commit to an 1.5 session. People are more likely to pay attention in small bite sized time frames as well. And they appear to be generally modern for when they were made.

  5. Part of the confusion is I think from The Latin Scot's post is he sort of has it backwards. You can ONLY wear the oval patch on the Tan shirt, but you can wear all the other patches on the Tan Shirt. So you should never see a Webelos still in his blue shirt with the oval patch.


    Personally I prefer to leave the pocket blank until they earn the Webelos rank, then put that oval patch on.



    2015 Printing, can't find a newer one.: https://www.scoutstuff.org/media/content/docs/pdfs/50015_Webelos_Unif_InspFNL.pdf


    "Webelos Scouts have the option of wearing the oval-shaped Webelos badge by itself on the tan shirt only; or the diamond-shaped Webelos emblem along with other rank badges on either the tan or navy blue shirt; or if the Tiger Cub emblem was earned, the Webelos diamond-shaped emblem may be worn on either the tan or navy blue shirt by itself and centered on the left pocket."



  6. You just proved my point. The majority of Cub Scout leaders believe BnG is suppose to be a big advancement shindig, and not a party celebrating Scouting. Where does it say in any official Cub Scout literature that advancement needs to be completed by BnG.





    No place, you are right about that. We don't limit advancement to just up to the B&G, scouts keep working on things throughout the year until our program changes over. However, our B&G is mid march and we almost always hit rank completion (or close enough) by then. Having it all one big event works well for our parents, the moment April arrives we loose 50% of the scouts to spring sports and we'd never get families back for a second event to celebrate ranks. Works well for us to do it this way. 


    We don't need another party to celebrate scouting, we celebrate scouting at every meeting! :)

  7. 75 to 100 Scouts is insane. We sport around 24-30 in my area.


    To quote Baden Powell in his book Aids to Scoutmastership, our founder...




    The number in a Troop should preferably not exceed thirty-two. I suggest this number because in training boys myself I have found that sixteen was about as many as I could deal with-in getting at and bringing out the individual character in each. I allow for other people being twice as capable as myself and hence the total of thirty-two.
    Men talk of having fine Troops of 60 or even 100-and their leaders tell me that their boys are equally well trained as in smaller Troops. I express admiration (“admiration†literally translated means “surpriseâ€), and I don’t believe them.
    “Why worry about individual training?†they ask. Because it is the only way by which you can educate. You can instruct any number of boys, a thousand at a time if you have a loud voice and attractive methods of disciplinary means. But that is not training-it is not education.
    Education is the thing that counts in building character and In making men.
    The incentive to perfect himself, when properly instilled into the individual, brings about his active effort on the line most suitable to his temperament and powers.
    It is not the slightest use to preach the Scout Law or to give it out as orders to a crowd of boys: each mind requires its special exposition of them and the ambition to carry them out.
    That is where the personality and ability of the Scoutmaster come in."
  8. Troops actually stop accepting new scouts?


    That's so anathema to me, why would you not take more boys if more boys wanted to join? I could see if you some how get simply too incredibly large  to manage (suppose you could just split into 2 troops). 


    Yeah sending a Cub on his first troop campout in January doesn't seem like a good idea. Our Pack does plenty of camping, and even a winter one, (in cabin), but for my tastes that late March works just perfectly.

  9. Nope, the 100x100 png was the only thing that worked. I think the real problem is that when you go to the edit your image area on your profile it tells you 200 or larger....


    Screen shot. That is incorrect, and if that said 100x100 only, I think it would alert folks to what is right and it would be better.



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  10. I like the shorter requirements, it allows us more time to do things without worrying about checking items off the list. We can focus on things the boys like, and skip some that just doesn't work for us. It also helps us to hit our advancement goal of the B&G in the middle of March. I just couldn't see crossing over in January, regardless of advancement, those scouts are still fairly young. A few extra months being the top dogs around the pack can help build that confidence before they join the troop where they are the little kids again. Sure its only a few months, but a few months at that age seems to mean a lot.


    Luckily we all have some leeway with things to make what is best for us work for us (within the bounds of the rules). 

  11. Crossing over in January? Those AoL scouts miss out on the Blue and Gold, (typically in Feb-March for most Packs). Are those Scouts of appropriate age? They haven't completed 5th grade yet, so are they 10 earning AoL or are they 11 by that point?


    Typically we have found our crossing over in March gives the Cubs plenty of time to join the Troop on camp outs before Summer camp in July/August. Not to mention they have already camped with a troop to earn AoL Required Adventure, and our Pack does about 8 camp outs a year as it is, so its no culture shock to our Cubs. 

  12. "Guide to Advancement 2017"

  The Scout, the Blue Card, and the Unit Leader  (Page 43)

    A few merit badges have certain restrictions, but otherwise any registered Boy Scout, Varsity Scout, or qualified Venturer or Sea Scout may work on any of them at any time.

    The unit leader and Scout should come to agreement as to who the counselor will be. Lacking agreement, the Scout must be allowed to work with the counselor of his choice, so long as the counselor is registered and has been approved by the council advancement committee.
    Mandated Procedures and Recommended Practices (page 2)
    This publication clearly identifies mandated procedures with words such as “must†and “shall.†Where such language is used, no council, committee, district, unit, or individual has the authority to deviate from the procedures covered, without the written permission of the National Advancement Program Team.
    About as clear cut as you can be.


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  13. With Lions a thing now available to all Packs we have been debating this. How to work them into various Pack Meetings, which ones, B&G, who will be the Lion Adviser (I think that is the name). While I like the idea in theory of the Kindergarten joining, I mean Daisy Scouts for GS start at Kindergarten, so why not. I'm not sure how realistic it is for our Pack to incorporate them.


    Is there a good thread on here with ideas for how to start your Lion program?

  14. Might be late to the party on this thread but in our pack we do just this. We invite the AoL Scouts back for several events in the spring (which their yearly dues they paid in the fall still cover). Sometime in the summer, generally our big pack picnic is when we cut the ties with those scouts so they can focus on their campouts and events with the Troop. It works great.

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