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  1. Our church only charters our pack. We send most of our boys to a Troop chartered by a different church of the same denomination. I was new to Scouting when we started the pack, and it wasn't until my older son crossed over and I got involved with his Troop did I realize that a Chartered Org Rep was not really a day-to-day operational position. The Chartered Org rep's son joined another Troop, and my sense is that there is not as big a role for him as he would like. Maybe I will sit down with him and the incoming CM- with peach cobbler- to see if he would agree to move on.
  2. I am the Cubmaster of a fairly new (5 years old), but large (58 kids) Pack at my church. I will be handing over the CM reigns to another parent next year as my youngest son crosses over. Our Committee Chair is doing the same thing for the same reason. We have a replacement identified for her as well. We have a great bunch of den leaders, and a couple of dependable committee members, including a treasurer, so the Pack is in good shape. The fly in the ointment is our Chartered Org Rep. He helped to organize the Pack with me and our CC. He was a den leader for his son's den, and his
  3. Boy talks in the classroom = strong packs. Our pack was founded two years ago because the DE gave such a great talk to the boys in our parish school. He comes back every year and every year we have even more Tigers.
  4. Just got back from camping two nights with our Webelos Dens at our local BSA Camp. We spent half the time cooking/working on pins/singing around the campfire. But the other half of the time, the boys just ran in the woods. Each Den built a fort. Some boys brought fishing rods, and fished in the lake. Other boys dug for worms. So I would schedule a few things, but the most important thing about Cub Scouting camping is to give boys a chance to run in the woods.
  5. We are a fairly new den, but each year we have an initial Pack meeting for new scouts and their families. Our Wolf and Bear DLs take the boys outside for a game that teaches them the Cub Scout Sign, handshake, etc. The CM and the Webelos DLs talk to the parents about Scouting. And then we tell them we can only have a Tiger Den if one of you agrees to be the Den Leader. Then their sons come back in, thrilled with all their new knowledge and excited about Scouts. And then we let the Tiger Den parents sort it out. And one always volunteers and the rest agree to help that person.
  6. I am the Cubmaster for a new Pack we founded at my church about six months ago. I am new to Scouting as well, and never thought I would have time to be involved, but my boys love it. Looking forward to getting closer to them through Scouting, and learning a lot myself along the way!
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