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  1. Thank you all for the replies. Fortunately the 29 were not all Tigers lol. We have 12 Tigers total and so far we have had one parent agree to be Assistant DL and a returning parent say she would help as much as possible but does not want to be the DL. Our next meeting is Thursday and we should have a few more of the Tigers in attendance as last week we had a school Skate Night that some chose to go to instead. I will continue to stress the importance of an Akela and explain to them that with Tigers you are never alone as the parents are required to stay.
  2. I am the Assistant Cubmaster for my sons pack. Unfortunately our Tiger leader became our Wolf Leader. We have yet to find a replacement and our first meeting of the year is tomorrow night. Luckily we have recruited 29 new boys this year and we hope to find a volunteer. Until we do, who takes over the Den? I've been told that it will fall on me, which is fine, but 1. I can't find any guidelines to this situation, and 2. My understanding is that a volunteer cannot hold multiple positions. I'd prefer to not become the permanent Tiger Den Leader as a possible change in
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