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  1. I picked up a pair of these, and they're great. The OD is pretty close to the OD of uniform pants (at least the old ones--I don't own a pair of the Switchback). They're 60/40 poly/cotton with a ripstop weave, and they're about half the price of 5.11s. You definitely need to go a size up on them, but for $25, it's pretty hard to go wrong with them. http://tacticalgear.com/genuine-gear-lightweight-tactical-pants-olive
  2. A couple of weeks ago, I ran across this great blog called Scouting Rediscovered, which is run by an Eagle Scout who has dedicated a considerable amount of time to poring over seminal writings from Scouting's past (particularly those of B-P, GBB, and John Thurman) in an effort to foster a return to the sources of Scouting. His series on "Keystones of a Scout: The Ten Virtues that Make a Scout" and "Traditional Scouting 101" are particularly exemplary. Anyway, just thought I'd pass this resource along for anyone who hasn't yet seen it, as I think his philosophy of Scouting will resonate with ma
  3. From a fellow academic (albeit one who is currently in the process of dissertating), welcome aboard! Yes, I had the same thought after adjuncting last semester. It's part of what caused me to take a respite from academia for awhile. We desperately need more Scouts among our young people.
  4. Stosh, those pics are so cool! You've inspired me to start seeking out a pup tent now, too... I think I'll probably just go with the big city community strip and keep my eye on local antique/thrift stores for a more accurate community strip.
  5. And this latter point is the problem I've run into with historic uniforming. I don't want to slap a modern CSP on an old uniform because it will look silly. Does anyone know if there's any place out there that manufactures repro community strips? I've been able to find vintage square knots, positions patches, etc., but the community strips are much more difficult. I've been able to find one for the city out of which our council is based (and of which my small city is a 'burb), and that may be the best I'm able to do unless I can find someone out there reproducing them.
  6. This was sort of my thinking, as well--no need to introduce an unnecessary incongruity between the position patch and the shoulder loops, especially since my primary professional role doesn't entail uniforming, anyway.
  7. So, as I mentioned in my intro post, I'm a council employee. However, I'm also going to be serving as a volunteer with a local troop. I don't wear a uniform in my council position (I'm an Exploring exec), so I'm a bit confused about what shoulder loops I should wear with my unit uniform. I'm assuming I just go with forest green so as not to look pretentious, but is there any reason why any of you would opt for the silver? It seems unnecessary to me, but I'm torn between my desire not to be pompous and my impulse to be correctly uniformed. ETA: Alternatively, I could just break out one of
  8. Agreed! He was a great man. (Plus, he basically saved Scouting, so there's that.)
  9. I'd say that if it's a matter of sheer dereliction rather than apparent unsuitability (i.e., the boy is having some difficulties adjusting to the demands of the job), there probably needs to be something a bit more subtle than pushing for a formal ouster of the boy from office by a vote of the PLC or troop. As LeCastor notes, perhaps this is a good opportunity for the SM to sit down with the SPL and find out what's going on. Did he lose interest in the job, in Scouting? Does he feel that he's not adequate to the position and so is choosing not to fulfill his duties out of insecurity? Is there
  10. I'm currently working on expanding my collection, but the 9th edition has been my favorite ever since I was a scout. We used the 11th when I was a boy (I had to buy multiple copies because the glue on the binding kept separating from the cover), which was serviceable, but I made it my mission to acquire a 9th edition when one of our ASMs taught us trail signs from it on a camping trip. For some reason or another, I thought the council Scout Shop might know how I could find a copy. As it turns out, they had a whole box of them tucked away in storage, and they gave me a copy for free. (Had I bee
  11. I ran across this fairly compendious website from Jeff Snowden, a Scoutmaster who has taken the time to collate all the editions of the BSHB and then to compare and comment on their contents. And here's a link to a fairly interesting chart that gives a subject overview of each edition of the Handbook, allowing you to see at a glance what is and isn't covered in each. (For instance, you can almost immediately see how much the 8th eviscerated substantial portions of outdoor content, as if that were necessary...) Anyway, just thought some of you might like to have this as a handy referenc
  12. Good evening, everyone! I started as a professional recently (*ducks tomatoes*), although not on the traditional side. (Sorry for being a bit cagey on the details; you never know who might run across this!) Anyway, I earned my Eagle a decade ago in a troop that has been around for ages. Fortunately, our SM was old school: red jacket, Smokey-the-Bear hat, smoking a pipe around the campfire. In short, we had a program that, to my understanding, resembled what Scouting was back in the Green Bar Bill days. In any case, we were outdoors, taking charge, getting lost, getting scraped up, and
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