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  1. Hi Guys, I am a new Venturing Adviser of a Newly Re-minted Venturing Crew. I was just wondering if it is acceptable practice for the Crew to fund-raise for equipment congruent to it's program: decent four season tents, backpacking stoves and the such. Thanks for the help, Chip
  2. So, I guess I wasn't very clear. what I'm wondering is this... You have the left hand box and then the right hand box on where the SM is expected to sign... Would initials in the left hand side be acceptable... An then have the SM review it.
  3. I am looking for an opinion on first class path advancement at summer camp. Do you feel that it is acceptable for the Scoutmaster of a provisional unit to sign off on first class path advancement requirements, such as building a fire cooking over the fire, demonstrating first aid technique, etcetera etcetera? How would you handle this?
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