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  1. One reason why I encourage Troops to begin working with Webelos as soon as they hit 4th grade is so that by the time they Cross Over, Scouts, and more importantly the parents, are comfortable with the troop. It could be worse. Try being asked to go to summer camp within a month of Crossing Over. Back in the day, Webelos was a 1 year program with folks Crossing Over in May, and headed to summer camp in June or July. As for mandatory camping, in my experience, most Scouts HATE (emphasis) missing camp outs because that is where the true fun is. I prefer Green Bar Bill's " OUT
  2. Just remember, Lawn Darts have to follow BSA'S Shooting Sports rules, and Dodgeball is now banned.
  3. Remember different advancement standards back then. "Master the skill" was the standard up to circa 1989 or 1999. Then it became "The badge represents what the Scout CAN DO, not what he has done (emphasis in original). Now it's one and done.
  4. From my days as a DE, there was a 2 month buffer period, that way if there are any paperwork issues, it can be resolved. I would save a copy of this document because BSA does have an Orwellian habit of removing documents, i.e. documents that stated Dodge Ball and its variants were indeed approved games prior to 2018.
  5. YES. My unit is in paperwork limbo. Everything has been turned in, and money has been attempted to be paid. but something in the online system is not allowing it to go through. To make matters worse, only the 2021 key 3 have access to the online system, and they are unavailable at this time. Hence why we got new Key 3.
  6. Folks, As most may know, I just became Scoutmaster. While I have kept up with the lawsuit here. I have not been involved with my CO on this matter. Except for talking to the former IH about what has been going on in this website, I did not talk about the matter to anyone else at the CO. Last night, I was in the Scout room, and found two legal letters from Omni. I know some folks received something from them back in November. Can anyone tell me what's up. There is no specific info to my CO, but I am wondering why they got it. My COR is out of town until this weekend, so he is una
  7. We had 2 council family camp outs: 1 at the summer camp and 1 at the old summer camp. The summer camp is centrally located in the council, has the best and modern facilities of the council's camps, but is in the middle of no where. With the exception of 1 city about 40 minutes away, it takes about 1.5 - 2.5 hours to get to it from major population areas. Cub attendance was no no greater than 100 at it's height. The old summer camp, which the council has neglected and is taken care of by volunteers, while on the western edge of the council, was within 45 minutes of 3 small cities in the counci
  8. I was told it was 180 mile radii or 360 mile circles. Basically 1 Scout camp within a 3 hour drive. Want to see Local councils and Scouting lose support even faster than now? Sell camps. Want to lose Cub Scouts because the Scout camps are too far away for families? Sell Camps (unless councils are willing to approve more camps besides their own for Cubs to use). I say this because my council has stated they will be selling 2 camps. Folks are ticked off and vowing to go elsewhere to buy their Scouting supplies and attend summer camp as a result. As for Cub Families, I have heard compl
  9. I do not know why anyone is surprised that TK wants Chapter 7. He has stated this from the get go. Now I will give the devil his due, TK does represent his clients better than the other lawyers in this case.. While I disagree with him and do not like his position, I due respect his diligence in representing his clients.
  10. Also one major drawback: mandatory months-long popcorn, and possibly other, sales with little money going to units. While some councils do provide great customer service, others do not. I do not know of any units in my old district's territory that do popcorn sales as we receive negligible support from the council. In fact more contact is done with the office staff than professional staff. As for discount cards, last time those were available, NONE of the vendors were in our area. Kinda hard to sell when nothing on the card is available. Another drawback is lack of continuity. How ma
  11. Last i heard, my LC thinks it is a done deal. They plan to sell the camps needed to meet their obligation, and continue on.
  12. I do not know the details of the law, but my Fingerprinting MBC and CSI guru told something like that. Basically the fingerprints can only be checked against current criminal records, and not against active cases.
  13. 1. Pray, you will need it. Scouting is having a very challenging time, and some professionals are not willing to adapt. My current council is getting rid of my District Commissioner, because he is not "effective" serving units as we are not growing in membership and units. We are in the middle of bankruptcy, COs abandoning the program, and a pandemic. Need to focus on existing units that are in trouble, and not starting new units. 2. Listen to your unit leaders. Use those counseling skills learned in WB. 3. Multiply yourself by getting good UCs to help you. 4. DO NOT USE UNIT L
  14. First and foremost, in the BSA alcohol is forbidden. Show up to a BSA event with it, and I will report you. Been there, done that. Ticked off folks as a result. But you go to international Scouting events, including WSJs, and alcohol is served. When I first arrived at Kingsdown Scout Camp in the UK, the staff were having a BBQ with beer being served. At a WB reunion at the camp, the group went to the local pub in uniform. The Belgium Scouter whose troop I looked after when they got stranded thanked my with 2 cases of Belgian beer that were supposed to go to his brother.
  15. At the Cub level, cutting corners of the Whittling Chip is not allowed. ANY violation results in revocation per page 72 of BALOO syllabus.
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