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  1. Soon it will be BSA footing the bill. We have to pay for several months of advertising and mail outs as part of the lawsuit.
  2. Not only NO, but HECK NO! I've heard stories of over 100 Scouts in a "class." I took two online classes for one of my masters. One class had over 80 students, and I know the teacher did not read all the work turned in. Thank goodness the class was something I had experience in.In addition to the large class numbers, I am hearing about paperwork not being given to the Scouts once they complete the requirements. We had zoom meetings while we were not able to meet, and we did some MB work. Even in a small group like my troop, I have caught Scouts goofing off playing video games, walking away from meetings and doing other things, etc. And here is the part I hate: you have qualified MBCs locally for the bulk of the MBs, and all you need to do is make a phone call to get in touch with them. One of my Scouts is pushing to get Eagle before he turns 18. He needs 6 Eagle required MBs, including 2 with 90 day requirements. His parents wanted him to do all 6 at an online summer camp paying over $150 to do them. We have at least 2 MBCs in the troop for each MB he needs.
  3. Agree. 22 years after the terms officially went away, I still hear "Venture Scout" and "venture crew" to incorrectly id Venturers and Venturing Crew.
  4. At least you aren't the nuns who used psychological warfare on us when we misbehaved.Still remember Sr. Patricia making me tutor the guy I got in a fight with. A smack on the knuckles would have been much welcomed.
  5. Well if they want to get rid of Scoutmaster, let's use the term "Skip" which is what they call SMs over in the UK instead of Mr. ________.
  6. Law Enforcement Exploring is a specific program name like Sea Scouts, Cub Scouts, Venturing, and Scouts BSA. Hence the capitalization.
  7. WAIT I thought this was the Doctor....
  8. I honestly do not know how it will affect councils and their properties. I do know that the lead attorney has stated on several occasions that he wants the complete dissolution of the BSA. He has also threatened to launch a wave of lawsuits against individual councils where he can, and National has asked the councils to become part of the lawsuit so that the matter is settled once and for all. Always in motion, the future is.
  9. Hi, My name is Eagle94-a1 and I am a Scouting Addict. :) Seriously though, if you don't want to quit, don't. Make sure you do have a corps of ASMs who can do the job when you are on vacation with the wife. If you do want to quit, as @Sentinel947 stated create a succession plan now and stay long enough to have it go through. A troop I was in had the SM die unexpectedly, and there was no one prepared to step up. They did not have a SM for about 6-8 months, and it was not a good time. Good luck.
  10. I would say National is encouraging it. Look at the "one and done" mentality it now promotes in literature. As for virtual MBUs, anyone remember the video from NAM where they are pushing the number of awards earned virtually, and praised one council for their numbers?
  11. I've been in a variety of volunteer and professional positions lover the years.The #2 hardest job in Scouting is being a den leader. I did it for 6 years and was burned out.
  12. Must have been a troop requirement. I was inducted in the late 80s, served on the election/camp promo team (my lodge combined to two activities into 1 visit) in the early 90s, and was a chapter adviser/chapter staff adviser in the mid to late 90s. in that time there was never an official age limit.
  13. One other thing that made the OA special, candidates that were not willing to undergo the Ordeal fully would be told to leave. That is not longer allowed, only candidates can decide whether they should leave or not. If the lodge was to send them home, it would be considered "hazing." I found this out at one Ordeal where an adult candidate complained a lot about doing the work. After three counseling sessions, he was separated from the rest of the Candidate, had 2 adult members to supervise him, and they became a 3 man work party. He still complained, and at one point refused to work any more. When I found out, I asked the lodge adviser why we don't send him home, and was told national no longer allows it.
  14. Must have been prior to the 1980s. BUT I can tell you from my experience in my troop, everyone getting elected tended to be in the 15-17 year old age range. Not because of any age restriction, but because it was considered an honor and we had an active Leadership Corps I remember 1 14 year old getting elected, and he turned 15 prior to the Ordeal.
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