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    I was a Boy Scout myself, got as far as Life Scout. Started as Tiger Den Leader, currently Cubmaster and ASM
  1. We still have a few small orders to fill, but we are at close to 7000, down from 12,000 last year. This year we instituted a change that all Scouts must sell at least $200 to have their events free or partially paid for, and the same who haven't sold in the past still didn't. At least now they don't get something they didn't work for.
  2. This kinda fits this post, since we can't start new ones... My Son crossed over in February after 5 years in Cub Scouts, went to one campout and several meetings, and decided Boy Scouts was not for him. I didn't make it easy on him, he had to tell the Scoutmaster himself that he wanted to quit. I'm not happy about it, but I'll support him, and have told him he can re-join at any time (same thing the Scoutmaster said). So, now I find myself as Cubmaster and ASM without a Son in the program. I was looking forward to years of campouts etc with my Son in Scouts, obviously more than he w
  3. I agree, the new software / layout is driving me nuts! I see that someone has replied to a thread on the preview, but when I go to that part of the forum, their reply isn't there. When I click on their preview, and go to thread, it's not there still. The new "upgrade" has killed off quite a bit of this forum :'(
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