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  1. janssenil, I am glad that the kids felt that way and I would like to say congratulations on doing such a great job with them. I want to make sure however that my view is not misrepresented in this forum. I do not encourage the boys to ban females from the camping trips, I just support them in the decision. I know there are plenty of great leaders out there like you. I believe however, that there is a special and important bond and environment that can be created for boys in a male-only atmosphere. After all, most boys grow up in an educational system dominated by female influences. I don't
  2. Others have stated far better than I could that male campouts aren't about chauvinism, just a desire to do guy things with guys. I can't imagine why this is so hard to understand. Couldn't agree more!
  3. I am saying that if you go down this path, it should be done with a lot of soul searching and introspection. You guys talk hypothetically. I am talking about my experience over a number of years with troops that had such "policies" in place. No one discussed the policy (if they knew what was good for them). The policy was not documented nor was their any vote of the boys, although I heard rumors to that effect. Instead, it was clearly the decision of the good old boys. This misogynist attitude was passed on to some of the scouts I worked with later. That is a nice story but it doesn't do
  4. Hey, I am all for equal opportunities for men and women. However, I do not believe for one second that men and women are the same. Men in general have different strength and weakness than women. You are not there as just an ADULT; you are either a male or female adult. You cannot pretend for one second to understand the mind of a teenage boy since you have never been one! Once again, I don't believe that all troops should ban women from camping trips. I admit women can contribute greatly to the program. I also believe though, that male only camping trips under the boys request can also greatly
  5. Our troop has women in several positions and offices. NEVER been a problem. That is great! I have no problem with women being involved in scouting. However, I just feel as if the boys wished to have males only on camping trips then that should be their decision along with the CO to make. Had boys in my troop realized this was an option while I was in scouting we would have voted to do so. Of course there may have been a few boys who did not like the decision, but that is life! Those boys who wanted their moms have two options. They can either live with it or find a new troop. Either wa
  6. I agree with OGE...There are no regulations on axes. 3/4 axe is probablly best for the littler guys but if you have big guys too then go for the full size deal.
  7. I am assuming PADBALLS stands for: Physical Fitness Ability Groups Discipline Buddy System Area, Safe Swim Lifeguards on Duty Lookouts Supervision, Qualified(This message has been edited by YoungBlood)
  8. "Sorry, thermodynamics really doesn't have much to do with evolution. However, if you want to stretch it, engergy is constanstly being added to the system by the sun. The sun's energy is absorbed by plants, animals eat the plants and gain energy." Ahhhh thanks....you really cleared that up for me! Ok, that was sarcasm for those who aren't too good at picking up the online tones of postings! ;-)(This message has been edited by YoungBlood)
  9. "Evolution comes about as life adapts to environmental changes" I am certainly no expert in this field either. However, I do believe what you are talking about here is adaptation or Micro Evolution. That is a species may evolve over time to better fit its environments. For instance I believe there were some snakes that were believed to have legs but after time they were no longer born with these legs. After having x-rays they see that they still have little deformed legs inside of them that never developed. It is believed that the snakes were better off with out them. However, the issue I
  10. Ok, I am just throwing out a question here. I have been curious as to how evolutionist explain the fact that evolution seems to go againist the Second Law of Thermodynamics. The theory of Evolution cleary proposes that creatures are gaining energy becoming more complex and organized in time. So how does the law of entropy fit in here? I am sure you guys have an answer, maybe even a valid answer. I am just curious as to how you guys handle that.(This message has been edited by YoungBlood)
  11. Sounds like this problem can be fixed rather easily. Tell the mothers to sign their boys up for the girl scouts if they don't like the boy scouts. :-)
  12. "Maybe because its easier to pull a gun out and start shooting when you have no fear of return fire." Let's take Montana for example, they have the most lax gun control laws of any state and yet they have one of the lowest crime rates.
  13. We have 50+ kids in my troop. "So what is inactive?" With our current system, when giving inactive status you must meet with the scoutmaster and attend meetings regularly for three weeks. Untill you have done that, you will not be elligble to attend campouts or have your scoutmaster conference. We haven't had any problems yet with this system. No scouts have complained because they have all been told upfront and it is in our written bylaws. There really is no excuse to go inactive other than laziness. How hard is it to give your scoutmaster a call if you have other commitments?
  14. Basically my troop had a policy that missing three meetings in a row without scoutmaster approval would make you inactive. I like this for two reasons. A) It gives a standard for the boys to meet and stops anyone from arguing the definition of being active! B) If you need to miss three meetings in a row, you can, as long as you at least stay active by explaining your situation to the troop leader.
  15. "That being said, no youth organization should put such high expectations on a kid that he can't have a well rounded group of activities to participate in." I couldn't disagree more! First of all, I think overcommitment is major problem with youths these days. Too many boys including myself will try to stretch themselves too thin. If you can't commit a good amount of time to a program then you shouldn't be in the program! Remember Eagle Scout is an award and honor that one should earn through actively particapating in the program. Now, I am not saying that you should never be allowed
  16. "And discrimination of any sort rubs me the wrong way." Why do you think this is disrimination? We don't allow girls to join BSA either. Do you think that is discrimination? Excluding somebody is not always discrimination.
  17. "I think what you are saying is that whether the moms are there to "look over" you guys or not - you'd rather they not come 'cause you're trying to figure out who and where you are NOW and the moms kind of put a damper on things?" Yes, this is a large part of my reasoning. I believe boys should learn to become more independent. Moms are generally seen as a comfort blanket. Whether you are seen or not for the whole camping trip you are still there. For instance, a person who wanted to truly experience wilderness survival would not bring matches. Even if the matches were for just in case...
  18. "When's the last time OA has come in to your troop to make a presentation? OA is not supposed to be a popularity contest." Why I know this to be true, I find the hard part is convincing the boys in a troop to come to this realization. I know my troop was and is guilty of often times making it a popularity contest. Just telling the boys not to vote that way doesn't really seem to make a difference. Unfortunately, I don't really have a solution to this problem. Maybe somebody here does?
  19. Well DrBeado, If excluding moms sends a negative message what about us excluding girls! Do you think that girls should be allowed to join? Perhaps you do, but that doesn't really matter. I don't think that excluding girls is telling the boys to discriminate nor do I think excluding female adults would tell them that either! Why is it acceptable for other groups to exclude people but not us? Do you think it is alright for Christians to have a Christian only club or Muslims to have a Muslim only club. What about women? Are they allowed to have an women only club? I have no problem with these gro
  20. "Okay, if the issue is a matter of modesty, then we agree again. However, if the issue is - the boys want it to be a males only cluband again, I emphasize if it's the BOYS IDEA, then I think its acceptable. This assumes, as I've stated previously, the CO is willing and has the resources (enough adult males). It's their troop, and as long as it's a matter of building bonds between males and not bashing women, I see it as being legitimate." Thank you, this is what I have been trying to get across through all of my postings. However, Rooster does a much better job of getting the point across
  21. LauraT7, I never said moms shouldn't go because they baby their kids or hoover over them. In fact I would agree that men are just as guilty of it as women. However, this doesn't change my case or anybody elses case for having males only on trips. If you don't like the troops policy find another troop instead of insisting that it should be changed. Also, I am offended and frustrated that people keep bring this kinda nonsense into these conversations "(not neanderthals who talk only in sports lingo, act "macho" & are threatend by women on their turf - he gets enough of that crap from Dad)" S
  22. Mike F and Scoutparent, I couldn't agree more with you. I believe what both of you are saying is absolutely true. Now Webelosmom, You said "2."What the boys want"? My son just wanted me to come along, maybe once. I camped with him when he was a Cub and a Webelos. He wanted me to come with him because he actually likes his mom around! (Yes, I'm sure it will wear off soon, it's already starting to.)" You just proved my point for me! You say he wants his mom around and it is already starting to wear off. He is a young scout in the troop and there are many older boys who already
  23. "About the "if that is what the boys want" stance --- sorry, not a good one." Ummmm....Where did this come from? I never said let the boys have what they want. All I said is the boys in my troop would not want moms to be allowed on camping trips. Secondly, yeah let the boys have what they want as long as it is within good reason. Having only females on trips is not within good reason (unless you wanted to have a mother/son camping trip). Having only males on camping trips is within reason. Whether it is because they are more comfortable with men, because they just want to get away from
  24. "Another thread seems to be about bashing moms because some are outragous about camping. Lets talk about all parents. Weve all seen them and dealt with them. Perhaps we have been them at times. Those other parents." First of all, it is not mom bashing! I have a mom too you know. I love her plenty, I just don't want her to go camping with my Boy Scout Troop. I am not applying moms are overprotective or are not good outdoorsman. All I am saying is if the troop has enough male leadership, then let them restrict camping trips to males if they choose so. You can read the "mom bashing post
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