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  1. Cliff Golden: As I said in an earlier post in this thread, I was a scout with John McKenzie, and we had a 55th. Class reunion last Sat. 8-8-09, and thought you might enjoy this picture.. This was taken on 8-8-09. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v18/WrongNo2/55%20Class%20Runion/IMG_0364.jpg
  2. What I mean here is, a parent should attend the BOR, not as a member of the BOR, but as an attending parent so they know what their scout has accomplished and what will be expected of him in the future. This is the start of parent participation in the troop, which can lead to getting more members on committees. (This message has been edited by Wrong Number)(This message has been edited by Wrong Number)
  3. I guess I'm still from the old school, but your troop needs parent participation. No better way than to get the SM and the PL's together and set it up so when a scout goes to a BOR, at least one of his parents needs to attend, (this will give them incite as to how their boy is doing in scouting, and what is expected from him for the next BOR). Now you have a parent at a meeting of the scouts, now is the time for the SM to really meet them, (and is a good time to feel them out as to what help they can provide for the troop as a whole). When I was a SM and started with a completely new tro
  4. 8-1-09 I just ran across the forum so I thought I would post here. I have been around for 73 years, and in those years I have been in Scouting for 50 + years as: Cub Scout - Mendota, Ill Scout - Mendota, Ill Senior Scout - Mendota, Ill Scoutmaster - "Charter Member Scoutmaster" troop 45 Sandwich, Ill. Asst. Scoutmaster - My old troop 106 Mendota, Ill Neighborhood Comm. - Methodist Church Mendota Ill. Institutional Rep. - Methodist Church Pontiac, Ill Dist. Chairman - Corn belt Council Bloomington, Ill / Pontiac, Ill.
  5. Today is Aug. 1st. 2009 Hello all scouts. I was at CBG during the summer of 1962 as the scoutmaster of troop 45 from Sandwich Ill, along with 26 scouts. I was in scouting for over 50 years, cubs, scouts, senior scout, scoutmaster, asst. scoutmaster, neighbor comm., institution rep., and finally as Dist. chairman out of Pontiac for the Corn Belt council. When I started as a scoutmaster to troop 45 in Sandwich Ill. they were sponsored by the Methodist Church and I was the 'Charter Member Scoutmaster', 50 years have gone by, and I was invited to their 25th year get together of th
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