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  1. Thank you staff member for deleting my earlier post. Rich Waite, I responded to your last post. After posting and reading it I realized that it didn't make sense. I forgot your name was Rich also. Sorry for the confusion. I agree with you. I have many great memories from CBG as a camper and a staff member.I was quite emotional being there 20 years later. I wish I had more time and a better camera. Does anyone know what has become of the CBG website? Earlier this week I was going through some things at my parents house and found two more items from CBG. First one is a Year-Round Outdoor
  2. (This message has been edited by a staff member.)
  3. Cliff, I'm glad to here that there is a web site under construction. I could gather many pictures to submit along with many stories. I was also in Troop 45 with Brian. His dad was Scoutermaster when I joined. His last year in the troop was my first year. I can still remember watching him receive his Eagle Scout Award. Brian still has relatives I see regularly that live in the area but he has moved to Apache Junction, Arizona.
  4. Cliff, Do you know what years John attended during the 80's and what position or positions he filled? I some what remember his name but I can not put a face with it. I would like to see a web site dedicated to chin-be-goto. There could be a place for people could submit their pictures and camping experiences they had. Could have a forum board. The Order of the Arrow had to be the most memorable experience I had from a staff view. If I remember correctly, I think we had the OA tap out during the Wednesday fireball. I was the lead torch barer ever week that summer. I think there were
  5. I took about 24 pictures and have them on a disk. I wish I would of had my digital camera. I would of took so much more. Some took ok and others are dark. The camp is so over grown with trees. I remember one of the years I attended the camp it was logged just to let some sun shine through. I'll email you a copy if you would like. My email address is rmcmi87337@aol.com
  6. I'd like to start by saying that I was a member of troop 45 from 1980 till 1987. I attended CBG from 1981 to 1983 and was a staff member for the summer in 1984. CBG opened in 1959 and closed after the season in 1985. I have many great memories from attending this camp. This summer I was vacationing in Wisconsin with my parents and was planning on staying in Wausau. Before I left home I went through some of my old scouting items. I found a map of CBG and the directions to the camp folded up in my field book. After I checked into the hotel I grabbed the map and a camera and headed off to f
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