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  1. woody01

    What do Webelos really need to know for Boy Scouts?

    What we from the Scout leaders in our area is KNOTS,KNOTS,KNOTS
  2. woody01

    Changes to Tiger Program

    I checked out fast start and your wright. I was at training yesterday They knew nothing of the changes to the tiger program. I would hope a new book is aviabile if the would enclude these changes in fast start, but I see no mention of it on line. at Scout stuff. I think they must likely have the cart before the horse.
  3. woody01

    So what do you do for a living?

    I'm a Petro. Service Tech. (I fix Gas Pumps @ service stations) in Western PA. Also a New Cubmaster in Greenville, PA
  4. woody01

    Cub religious knot on Boy Scout Uniform

    mdkeplers I found a link on www.usscouts.org under wearing religious emblems. If Rel. emblem is earned as a cub it maybe worn on boy scout uniform, but you must also wear the gold cub scout device on the knot (#5103C) or if earned as a webelo (# 5103K) Just type (wearing knots) in search block. Print this out and send it to the next meeting with your boy. P.S. stop by the scout shop and get him the pin First. Let us what his S.P.L. has to say.
  5. woody01

    Cub religious knot on Boy Scout Uniform

    I thought that the AOL knot could only be worn on leaders uniform. Scouts wear the AOL badge under pocket.
  6. woody01

    Girls In Cub Scouts

    Like it or not guys the writing is in the wall. The new Lion Program is co-ed for K-aged kids At 14 girls can join vent. program. Guess whats next. I have a 61/2 year old Tiger & & a 3 year old Girl. I say bring it on. I do not think I would look good in a smock. Honesty I like the Cub program in my area better than the GSA Program. I do not like going 1/2 way if you are going to let Girls be in vent. there should be a cub aged program too!!!! ps. around here girls play L.L. with the boys. Most of them can hit better too.
  7. woody01

    Those red berets

    Guys, stop talking about them or they might bring them back. I went through it, I would hate to see my son go througt it too.
  8. woody01

    OA ?????

    Thanks guys I did find out on the OA web site, need to be a member of the Lodge in the council in which you are reg. I have contacted my old council to get my records.
  9. woody01

    Webelos Patrol? or Webelos Den?

    If you go by the latest uniform Insp. form it shows the patrol badge under the flag on rt. sholder. I would say this means you could have the Webelos pick a patrol name.
  10. woody01

    OA ?????

    May be some one can anwser my ?. I'm back in scouting after 15 years. I'm Cubmaster of my sons pack.I was a boy scout 1 council to the south of were I live now. Do I have to transfer or can I remain a OA member were I was.
  11. woody01

    Den Leader Knot requirement question

    These knot req. need some work. Tiger knot For exp. our former District Exc. found the need to have 6 packs in a small town pop. aprrox. 5,000 people. This makes it very tuff to get 5 tigers during req. The fact is that he looked better because he had more units under him, no matter what the size of each unit was.
  12. woody01

    So Many Problems, Where do I Start

    Brantshore, Your not alone, our pack is about the same size as yours. Our C.C. is about to step down (Thank God).We just had our blue & gold it was not the boys I had to talk over it was her. She is more worried about how much $$ is in her kids account than any thing else Our C.O.R. forgot that we were having a blue & gold Not to forget the Old women at the church ( our C.O.) are plain mean. It been so many years since they were kids I think they have forgot what Its like. So we were forced to have our blue & gold in the basment. We may be having the opp. to go back to the fire hall were our pack was before.I think we are going to go. Also I think our council is the most disorganized one around our scout shop has nothing in stock. We are getting our awards from the next council south.
  13. woody01

    Girls in" Boy Scouts" Scouts

    Here is the way I see it when a girl is 14 She can join the vent. program. What is the harm in having then in a cub program.Then if the boys do not want to go camping with "girls" when they get older, they can stay in boy scouts
  14. woody01

    Cub Scout Nameplates?

    If look at web sites of scouting suppiers. I have seen name bars which go above the BSA strip on uniform.
  15. woody01

    The Big, The Bigger and the Ginormous

    I wish we had your problems there are so many packs in my town were luckey to have 10 boys. The town has Pop. Of about 5,ooo & we have 5 or 6 packs in town.