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  1. Well they went to the pocket flap and are discontinueing the belt totem. so let him put it in his collection , and enjoy.The belt loop does get taken off the uniform when he earns his badge.just like the welbelos arm flappy thing when joining boy scouts. DGL
  2. This one i've tried it works really well. I got the info on it from Backpacking magazine. This is for a backpacking trip, but worked really well for daytrips of camp outs with lots of events, and minimal time for lunch. What you do is take a clear plastic dish and mix the proper amount of water and rice acourding to the box(i found instant rice worked better), and store in your bag or at camp 8 hours later its ready to eat. It's really good with prepackaged italian dressing. I know this was a question to make rice with out utensils, but i thought it might fit by not using fire.
  3. Well I don't see any problems here. In my area the majority of Cub leaders are women. I'm also a firm believe in "it's the quality of the leader, not the gender, color, or orientation. So don't worry about this and enjoy what sounds like a solid pack. DGL
  4. Hello, my name is Donahue Lessig. I've been in scouting for 23 years. I started in 1981 with the Cub Scouts. Earning my arrow of light and crossing over to Boy Scouts. Where i earned my Eagle in 1991. After graduation of the same year, I joined the Navy. Where i was still active with scouts assisting many troop around the bases where i was stationed. I returned home where i assisted my old troop until its collaps. The troop i'm with at present is a really good troop. It has a solid base of boys and parents. As of this year I get to join the world of Cubs again my son starts
  5. I have to really agree with Fat Old Guy . Taking the joy of adventure out and suplimenting it with classroom style teaching is wrong . I'm in a constant battle with the S.M. of my troop with the over emphisis of book work . There is time for both in the progams . The largest reason i've seen for loss of boy (atleast in my area) is forcing boys to earn rank and taking the fun out of campouts and meeting . I've also noticed that Troops that have the higher retntion and seem to mass produce Eagles (you know the troop theres at least one in every council) are the ones that found that happy medium
  6. There are no rules on the Eagle court of honor. Most court of honor are planned by the Eagle. It is customary for the scout to chose an Eagle of his choose to give the charge. At my court of honor i chose Dave Winters (Illinois State Rep.) to give my charge . it is also customary to leave a spot for the S.M. . So just tell you Eagles to enjoy the prosses and just be there to help when they get stumped while planning there special day. DGL
  7. I'm am posting this message to voice my concerns on this eagle project . I myself am an Eagle Scout . Not only does this project not fit in to the scouting requirement of helping a buisness . It lacks the imagination that makes an Eagle Scout project something special . I'm very suprised that the S.M. or Advancemnt Chairman of his troop let it get to you in the first place . I'm not trying to be rude to anyone , but as an Eagle i fine projects that allow the boy to slide through looks bad to the whole of scouts . I'm sorry about the rant . But i really hope you listen to all the comments I've
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