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  1. Apparently, this "rule" is being imposed by the unit. The Scout is going to discuss it with the unit leaders.
  2. Thanks for all of the responses. I will pass them along to the scout and his mother. Last word from them was that the maintenance was a requirement added by the unit. While admirable, it is still an addition, which is not allowed by National.
  3. Has anyone had any experience with a unit or organization requiring a Scout to provide maintenance on his project after completion? I had a mother ask me about it. She said that her son was told that he would have to maintain his project after completion. Looks like that is adding to the requirements. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  4. The reason many think of the restriction of no Eagle Projects for the CO is that before the 1990s, it was a restriction. I became a Scoutmaster in 1984 and the Eagle packets then stated that the project could not be a benefit for the CO. It changed some time in the 90s and projects for the CO were allowed. In our area, a project that calls for just painting, no matter how large an area, would not be approved. This is considered regular maintenance work. If the project included some remodeling, with the necessity of painting, then it might be approved. Any routine maintenance w
  5. Yes, Nancy Reagan filled in for her husband in 1985, as he was in the hospital. Each President since has attended, except for the Jamboree in Clintons' first four years. He opted to not attend and felt such a backlash that he made the effort the next time. As the U.S. President (no matter what party) and the Honorary President of the BSA, Obama should make the effort to attend at some point. As a service organization, BSA has no peers. Talk about a missed photo op. It may come back to haunt him as it did Clinton.
  6. I agree that the committee should be made aware early in the process. Hopefully they will help in the transition process. As for my own experience, this is how I became a Scoutmaster: I was looking to get involved again after a break with college and work. Had a friend from church approach me. He and his son were with a troop at another church. T was told they were looking for someone to help with paperwork. No problem. I went to a meeting and met all of the leaders. There were about seven, besides the Scoutmaster. I only knew two and about three of the youth. A little
  7. What do you think of the plan to ask for a $10 donation from each visitor to the Jamboree? First time I can remember that visitors were asked to pay to get in to the Jamboree?
  8. I have been hearing rumors of some new Scouting program that is to be introduced. Apparently, there were some introduced to this new program at Philmont training early this summer. Any ideas as to what it is?
  9. I know that in our Lodge, a member can wear ANY Flap that has been approved by the Lodge. This would include a Trader Flap. We do have some flaps that were produced privately or samples rejected by the Lodge that are not approved for wear. Our By-Laws do not address the wearing of the flap, only that the Lodge will have one. Most of the Lodge rules I have seen are the same. Some might have an unwritten rule, but that would be impossible to enforce.
  10. The COR should be a part of the meeting, not informed afterwards. As said, the COR is the top of the list. Include them in every part, not as an after thought. If they can not be at the meeting, they should at least be aware of the problem and perhaps leave some advice.
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