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  1. At our district roundtable, I heard that none of the LDS units even responded to any FOS requests. Don't know why that is though.
  2. Wiggle in your chair a little bit and then cough, and say: "Well, IF I was voting member of the committee, I would.." The SM's voice holds a lot of sway...or should.
  3. Towards the orginal query - I am also unable to locate any examples to show me what others have done for the statement. From what I've found, it only appears to be just a statement, with bullet points of awards and acomplishments, both Scout and non-Scouting related. Anything that points toward 'leadership' Regarding the 5 page document a Scoutmaster recommended be re-written- I'd like to see that document. As a Scoutmaster, I feel one of my responsibilities is to help guide the boys. A meandering 5 pager, filled with words to just to fill a page, would cause me pause as well. Hopef
  4. Another off topic, random post here- GO PAGE 11 !!
  5. I'll just leave this here: http://www.mormoncurtain.com/topic_boyscouts.html
  6. Google search count scoutmaster child porn 2010- 9,000 results mormon child porn 2010 - 106,000 priest child porn 2010- 235,000 teacher child porn 2010 -702,000 Based on this research- Scoutmasters are less likey to be involved in child porn
  7. I missed the part of the story where there was a problem or complaint. Poorly trolled.
  8. The 'Bug Out Special' - great for the last morning of camp. We tear down non-essentials, and pack gear the night before departure. Sure beats a cold donut. Don't know why, but we always either set up or tear down in the rain. Great post!
  9. Keep them off during meetings. Just an hour and half for us. Remind parents that the Troop won't be responsible for loss or damage. Bring at your own risk, and feel free to use it during down time while at camp. That friend they call may just be your next Scout! As a Scout, we couldn't bring transistor radios to camp...before headphones were available.
  10. I'll just leave this here: Search You tube for penn teller T4E01 Parte1 Strong language, very not safe for work- funny that you don't need to login to view, but that's under the 'Facebook' thread
  11. I salute our Mormon overlords. No one seems to notice or care about their takeover, the 'I painted a curb/room or laid out a park bench' feeble Eagle projects. Why my own very Lutheran grandmother was baptised a Mormon after her death- As were victims of the holocaust, as well as Hitler himself? That's another intersting way of fudging the numbers. www.mrm.org/prominent-people-baptized-by-proxy
  12. Two words - 'power tripping' In an all volunteer organization? That's a sure fire way to lose head count. Does your CC EVER attend meetings or events to see what really goes on- and to see how their little snowflake behaves? (We front facing folks know little Johnny can't do the perfect angel act for a full hour, let alone an overnight trip) Invite your CC to attend a camping trip to take the reins and demonstrate their ideas in action. A virtual dollar says they'll come up with some excuse to not attend.
  13. Try here? : ) http://lmgtfy.com/?q=%22boy+scout%22+%22court+of+honor%22+script
  14. Once upon a time, uniforms used to be found at Sears and JC Penney's. How about finding a new major retailer to partner with? Walmart? Target? One that would tolerate our national boards discriminatory policies?
  15. Not required for advancements, but it is for Philmont and some High Adventure programs. As stated in the Council and Unit Planning Guide the 2008 First Aid and CPR Certification Requirement reads as follows: Philmont requires that a least one person, preferably two, (either an advisor or a youth participant) in each crew be currently certified in American Red Cross Wilderness First Aid or the equivalent* and CPR from the American Heart Association, the American Red Cross or the equivalent. The American Red Cross Wilderness First Aid is a sixteen-hour course designed to hel
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