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  1. I think that girls are needed in boy Scout camps, after all the Boy Scouts vision states; "responsible, participating citizen and leader" and in reality it is not a "Boys only" kind of world, and a scout involved in scouting at the age where he is able to staff at a camp is at the age where he needs to know how to work with a girl in a professional environment, and it would be difficult for a scout to get the opportunity in a Boy Scout environment otherwise. Also there may be times at a Scout Camp when you made need a girl, for example if a scout is extremely home sick, a girl may be able to
  2. What I would do is during a PLC is to go over the expectations of a PL and other things like an expectation of having a fruit, vegi, and protein item at every meal on an outing. Having a clear set of expectations for them will help them know what they need to do and hopefully make it easier for them to break things down and get things done on their own.
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