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  1. I have been searching the forums for information regarding the "longevity" of blue cards. The information I have read in this thread, (thank you Bob White) reflects my understanding. My dilema is: I was told by our camp director that blue cards issued at summer camp may be worked on until...whenever. But, blue cards issued OUTSIDE of camp have only one year to be completed. This does not seem to make much sense. I have checked the National website regarding Merit Badge requirements, but it does not mention ANY time limit for completion. Is this then the answer to all
  2. Ed, What did you use for the display? A Computer moniter... TV...??? I think this sounds like a great idea. As a matter of fact, it would probably make sense for me to start preparing now for my son, who is receiving his Star at our Court of Honor at the end of the month. It won't be long now!! Tom
  3. Bob White, The ceremony was great! Thanks for all the trouble you went through for our boys...Young Men. I sat down with the parents one night and what ended up happening was we took some things from several different ceremonies, and kind of created our own script. Everyone thought it was great! Of course this was the first Eagle COH that we had ever done, not to mention no one else had even seen one before. So, no one knew if we messed up either. But, everything worked out very well right up to the point where one of our Eagles', during his acceptance speech, referred to our State
  4. Bob White, I received the fax. Thanks again for all your help.
  5. This is a topic I was going to start a thread on. I too am a bus driver for our county's bus system. We have an old traditional style school bus which will be retired soon. Our troop may end up getting it donated to us, BUT...the insurance etc. is something I was not sure about. (Until now) Like Roy259, we have another bus driver in the troop and the mechanic at the County bus garage is an Eagle Scout who has already committed to help out. As to the lack of future drivers...or when the existing drivers are not available, I have already figured on training "newer dads" to drive a bus and h
  6. Bob White, I had a message from council when I got home from work. They have the fax and I willl pick it up tomorrow. Thanks again for all your help. Tom
  7. Thanks Bob, you're a lifesaver! Rip Van Winkle Council ph 845-339-0846 fax 845-339-1168 Just put a note on the coversheet for Tom-Troop 70. They will put it in our mailbox. I can't thank you enough. By the way, we should have 4 brand new fleur-de-lis candle holders for Sunday. Tom
  8. Thanks Bob. We are in Highland, Troop 70, right across the bridge from Poughkeepsie.
  9. BobWhite, I too, am looking for a great ceremony for two boys who will be honored at one ceremony. I have found a couple scrips,(MacScouter and Rosegarten's Scout Page) but am still looking for others to choose from or adapt from. I was asked at the last minute to come up with something and be master of ceremonies. (Eagle COH on April 14)This is my first Eagle COH. Is there any way someone could get a copy of your script without going to Philmont? Maybe posted to a website as a PDF file or something? It sounds like after all the ceremonies you have participated in you probably have
  10. Reviewed the thread again and noticed the link. However, I could not edit my reply. I got "not authorized to edit this message" and "not a valid account" messages. I noticed someone else on another thread who mentioned the same problem. - Any suggestions???
  11. I am intrigued! This sounds like a great idea I would like to show my troop. Weekender mentioned "filling to just below the burner holes", Where would I get the information on how to properly set up the can. Thanks, Tom
  12. Momscouter & sctmom, I have NEVER heard of anyone related to scouts, (especially council office), who would refuse volunteer work. Sometimes as they say: "If you want something done right..." In this case it might help to do it yourself. Years ago as Cubmaster of our local pack, it took 3 separate personal visits to council just to get them to change the name of the previous Cubmaster in their database. Fortunately, our council office has improved. Good Luck!
  13. On the point of the homeschooled boy missing out on the interaction with other scouts while working on a MB... If the homeschooling parent(s) is a registered MB Counselor, (and I hope so), then they could also be counselors for the local troop. Then their son(s) could work on badges with other scouts.
  14. What is the area like where your camporee is to take place. Many times a theme or activities for the event may be derived from the surroundings.
  15. I agree with most of the sentiments offered...primarily: 1. The Scoutmaster is to be commended, for what he is doing, in spite of some parents' motivations - is in the true spirit of scouting. 2. It IS the boys who "WE" are trying to help. 3. If this group does start their own troop, then the parents have a resource and obviously a willing one, in the troop they plan to camp with. Whether they start their own troop or decide to join with their hosts, it sounds like a win -win scenario for everyone. As someone previously mentioned, a scout is helpful.
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