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  1. I'm a den leader and I help out with the troop since I have a tiger and a first year scout. I'm offical 98% of the time. Sometimes I wear od dress pants I got from penny's if it's a formal occasion and my sloppy, ill fitting offical scout pants won't do. Our troop is usually really good about being in full uniform. It's the leaders that seem to slack off. Our SM is usually ok and I'll give our Chaplin some leway since he is a Dominican priest but the other leaders often wear jeans or Kakhi cargos. I don't want to be a uniform policeman and these guys have put more time in the program than I ever will, but I wish they would take the uniform as seriously as the boys do.
  2. I got an army surplus campaign hat when I became a tiger cub leader. The kids love it. The adults think I'm a bit of a kook but none of them volunteered to be a scout leader. I just crossed over my WII and next year I'm back with the tigers.
  3. I wear a campaign hat for most indoor events or when we are out representing our pack/troop in public like Scouting for Food. For camping or hiking I wear the Indiana Jones hat. Keeps my head warm and protected. I never liked knit caps or baseball caps. I even wear a garrison hat mostly because "it looks snappy" to quote an old scout handbook.
  4. Back when I was in the scouts in the early 80's I wanted to creat the Dead Head Patrol with the greateful dead lightning skull as our patch... the scoutmaster put the Kaibosh on that. I am encouraging my son to form the Rock & Roll Patrol.
  5. For the life of me, I don't know why people don't like the uniform pants. They are cheaper than a pair of Levi's. For at least 15 years a pair of baggy cargo pants have been in most guys closets. In my opinion jeans look redonkulus with a boy scout shirt. If someone can't afford both the pants and shirt, go to old navy and get a pair of green cargos for 14 bucks on clearance. Just be prepared to replace them every 6 months or so. . I don't want cops in flower print brumuda shorts and I don't want scouters in jeans. Just my opinion.
  6. One hat for cubs or the option for packs to pick their own cap. One necker, one slide up to Weblos. How about the option of official shoes? Kind of like a athletic shoe/hiking boot hybrid. Just for the heck of it, bring back leggings. For the life of me I don't understand why people don't buy the pants. A pair of Levi's cost more. For a good ten or so years baggy cargo pants have been an item in every guy's closet. plus they turn into shorts! The giant pockets are great. I would like to see the old green uniform make a comeback. If I was born a year earlier I could have rocked a green shirt and red beret. Instead of the ultra cool boy power 76 uniform, I got a brown shirt made by a guy who made dresses and an ugly trucker hat. How about doing away with rank patches for scouts and put the ranks on the shoulder loops...they gotta be good for something. Is it me or are kids wearing their socks high again? Good for knee sock sales I suppose.
  7. Thxcuz

    Garrison Caps

    I've never seen that, what is it? it looks interesting.
  8. Thxcuz

    Garrison Caps

    I've never seen that, what is it? it looks intresting.
  9. Yeah, I'm aware of that policy but my theory is if you want your necker to look like a bolo, wear a bolo. I tuck my collar in too. I also sometimes sport a garison cap or a campaign hat. I know it's not official since I am a cub leader and as someone who is a stickler for uniforms this makes me a hypocrite but I have an ugly head and a ballcap just doesn't distract people from that enough.
  10. Thxcuz

    Garrison Caps

    I occasionally wear a garrison cap. It looks sharp but not that useful I agree. Did anyone see boys life recently? A scout helping out in Joplin was sporting one with his class b t shirt and official pants.
  11. I also have a 2 year old at home so I'm in for the next 12 years at least!
  12. I still have my odl but there is no way it still fits me. I was going to give my son my red vest but it was full of moth holes. I got a 3xl shirt from the 70's that I stripped and put new concil patch and pack numbers and wear that when uniforms aren't required but I still want to represent. I liked the old olive uniforms. If I was born a year earlier, I could have worn one as a scout.
  13. I've been trying to join since October. Finally I can share my thoughts. I have learned so much from this forum. I am a new ACM with a Tiger Cub son in the pack. We are an old pack and after a few years of decline, we are progressing very well due to some great parents. Through this forum I have come out of the closet as a member of the uniform police (not for the kids, but the adults) and my catch phrase has become "the necker goes OVER the collar" . I am excited that I get to wear the uniform again. Now I can afford official pants! When I was a scout it was the first year of the odl's but I wore my cousin's stanfordized pants that were too short. I now have a full uniform as does my son and I'm always on the hunt for used shirts so no boy will be without. Thanks for creating this forum, I am glad to finally be here.
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