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  1. tadmaking

    Where did you go to summer camp?

    Tadma - Cubscout - 1990 - 1992 Workcoeman - Boy Scout - 1993 - 1995 Mattatuck - Boy Scout - 1995 - 1998 Tadma - Staff - 1997 - Present Treasure Valley - 2002 - National Camp School Massawepie - 2008 - National Camp School Best summers of my life have always been on Tadma Camp Staff and also the best job I have ever had as well. All these camps are CT Rivers Council Camps. Except Treasure Valley is located in Rutland, MA & Massawepie is in Massawepie, NY
  2. tadmaking

    Troop & Pack Websites

    If you need one for your troop or pack, please PM me!
  3. tadmaking

    Want to work at a Cub Residential Camp?

    that all depends on a lot of things. Job/experience/certs etc...
  4. tadmaking

    Summer Camp Theme Ideas

    hahaha! love it!
  5. tadmaking

    Summer Camp Theme Ideas

    Guys thanks so much! Everyone's ideas are magnificent! I can't wait for summer time so I can put all of this in action. I was thinking about half burying a treasure chest on the water front's beach with some gold coins and such! Everyone here is very helpful and keep the ideas coming!
  6. tadmaking

    Want to work at a Cub Residential Camp?

    Good ideas! I wish we could have started the process sooner for hiring, but the council just hired the new Camp Director 2 weeks ago, so I had no clue what was going on! Things are rolling now, just looking to get the word out!
  7. tadmaking

    Summer Camp Theme Ideas

    AWESOME ideas guys! love 'em all! keep 'em coming!!
  8. Camp Tadma, located in Bozrah Connecticut is currently looking to fill a number of positions due to an increase in the Staff Budget. If anyone from in or out of state has every considered working at a Cub Camp now is the time to get involved! Looking to fill Waterfront, Kitchen, Office, Ranges, Handy-craft, Office, & other various positions. In & Out of state applications are needed! Please contact me here or via email @ jon@argonle.com Come to Connecticut and enjoy an excellent, fun-filled summer! I've been doing it for 12 years & it has been the best summer job I've ever had!
  9. tadmaking

    Summer Camp Theme Ideas

    Hi everyone! I am the Aquatics Director for a Cub Scout Camp in Bozrah, CT. I am in need of some ideas for a new year of camping. Recently we have decided to theme all of our areas of camp (Pirates - Waterfront, Cowboys - Fort, Huckfin - Rafts, Indians - Indian Village, Ninjas - Office) and I am in need of some ideas from everyone! My staff (except when we are actually lifeguarding) are going to be dressed up as Pirates, unless in class A or B uniforms.. which sounds fun. So dress is not a problem. Here is a list of issues I face... I want to make a sunken ship in the lake, with only the parts of the mast sticking out. don't know how...any ideas? was thinking of building a mast w/ a lookout bucket. I am hosting a night under the stars weekly at my waterfront (camping without a tent). Any program ideas for such a night? How about food? I want to "cook out" or "bbq" something simple, but makes you think Pirates. Besides a Jolly Roger Flag, palm trees, sand, & pirates...what else can I do to make my waterfront look like a Pirate Island. What other ideas do you guys have? Please help...want to make 2008 a memorable year for all the kids! Also, we are currently accepting applications for about 40 different positions, and if anyone is interested in coming from in or out of state to work at CT Rivers Council's Camp Tadma this summer. We are currently in need of lifeguards, cooks, commisioners, program directors, trading post managers, office managers, Please get in touch with me on here or jon@argonle.com ~ thanks!!!
  10. tadmaking

    Cub Aquatics Program in 2008

    Besides old books, I do not. My WSI will be getting renewed in June @ camp school. SO... hopefully they will have some good stuff there.
  11. tadmaking

    Cub Aquatics Program in 2008

    Sorry if I came off as a little harsh! Typed out words are just typed out words! Hah...anyways. In terms of the mile swim that we offer the cubs at my camp, it really isn't something we follow as strictly as a BSA Camp would. It is offered more as something fun for the Cubs to do, as we also offer Polar Bear Swim. We do give out the BSA Mile Swim Patch, but by no means do I or previous directors follow the BSA Requirement #33215. As I said before, its just an extra little thing we like to do so the kids can have fun. I've even let beginners and learners in their respected area (imagine the learners swimming the mile, as they walk the majority of it...but they absolutely love being able to participate!) I imagine my Waterfront is run much differently than BSA Waterfront. We adhere to all National & State Laws, we just have a bit more fun as I see Tadma to be more of an initiation to Residential Camp, plus the fact that I do not have to run Merit Badge Classes. Though I do offer to work with Den Chiefs, Staff Members, & CITs on any given merit badge pertaining to my area. Does anyone have any ideas what I can do with boating? All I have are rowboats, canoes, funyacs, funoes, & paddle boats that go in circles rather than straight. Please keep all ideas coming!
  12. tadmaking

    Cub Aquatics Program in 2008

    I have been involved in the camp for 12 years. So without a doubt, unless I have been in a dream for 12 years...CT Rivers Council Offers a Cub Scout Residential Camp. Tadma has always been 5 days 4 nights since it became a cub camp in the 1970s. Recently we inherited a day camp as well, so I run the aquatics program for them as well. We have been doing the BSA mile swim for years as well...and only a handful of kids come down to do it (usually around 5 Cubs, usually Web 2s, ultimately get the prized patch), don't under estimate the will of a 9 - 10 year old! During our program time we divide the packs in half. Half do swimming while the other half does boating and then they switch areas after about 45 minutes at the designated area. 3 swimming areas and a staff of about 10 - 12 guards always gets you to that 4 kids / 1 teacher ratio, including guards watching from the docks as well. Trust me, I run a very safe and fun program area...which is one of the reasons I have been asked to return (not to sound egotistical). Sorry to sound like I am on the defensive side of the ball here, but I'm just standing up for what I do.
  13. tadmaking

    Cub Aquatics Program in 2008

    Hello Everyone! I am currently looking for some feedback. I am the Aquatics Director at a Residential Cub Camp in CT (CT Rivers' Camp Tadma), the reason for my post is to get some feedback from everybody! I would like to revamp the Aquatics Program at camp. I was last Aquatics Director 6 years ago and was asked by my council to come back this year. I remember my program ran something like this... Sunday - Test day ... nothing to change here Monday - Lessons Day ... give me some ideas about what I can do here guys. It was just typical every day Non-Swimmer, Beginner, & Swimmer lessons. I want to make this more fun, so give me some ideas!!!! Tuesday - Junior Lifeguard Lessons. Reach/Throw/Row demonstrations and talk about Go Wednesday - Game Day - Water Relays, Polo, Cannonball Contest, etc... I want this day to have a bit more structure. Ideas!!! Thursday - Free Time ... kids choice/mile swim! Now as far as I know this program is still the norm at camp. It was when I first started there, but I would like to make a change in direction and let the days be a bit more fun, while still educational. If you have any ideas let me know! I've been a Lifeguard & Aquatics Director at many different levels for a long time and have some ideas, I just haven't put them together just yet. so please any ideas would be great. BTW is anyone going to be at Massawpie for Camp School June 14 - 20? Let me know!
  14. tadmaking

    Hello From Connecticut!

    Hi my name is Jon, been in scouting since I was 7. Still very active in Scouting...but not as deeply as I had been in years past. I am going back to working for a Cub Scout Residential Camp that I have been involved in for the last 12 years of my life (26 now). Can't wait for the summer!