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  1. Is there anyone here from a pack and troop on Long Island near Stony Brook University? One of our families is moving out there as the dad has received a promotion with his company and they will be making the move soon. If there are, please let me know via email at cnjalvarez4@yahoo.com so I can get contact info to pass along.
  2. Speaking of NYLT youth recognition, an Eagle candidate in my troop attended NYLT fairly recently here in Michigan's Southern Shores FSC and was given 3 pieces of cord. 2 are red, one is blue. I gather that one red and the blue indicate the NYLT colors, the third, I was told indicates the "patrol" he was in. Each patrol was given a different color. He was told they had to braid them into a shoulder loop, similar to the den chief cords (but braided) and were to be worn in the same fashion. Is this done elsewhere? If so, how does he go about braiding them (is there a specific way?) and is it trul
  3. I wish I had known these "At-Large" memberships were available when I moved from Alamo Area to Greak Saul Trail in '96 (Wolverine Council then, I think?) I would have maintained my membership in the BSA for the 13 years I waited for my son to come along and then be old enough to join Cub Scouts and then become his den leader. lol - Charlie(This message has been edited by Tex-Mex Dad)
  4. Well, I hve only one knot. My AoL knot. I didn't earn my Eagle, and I missed the Tiger DL knot by one requirement because my schedule doesn't permit me to attend Roundtables or a Council training. Would I like more? Sure! Who doesn't recognition for the work they put in to any organization? But will I be bothered if I don't get more? Not really. I know why I'm here. The 15 years I spent as a youth member/Sea Explorer/ASM were fantastic. Now my son is a Cub, that's why I'm here.
  5. Okay, so looking over these req's, I see that a good many are fairly doable. How does one get a hold of the Alumni Connection cards that are mentioned in Area I-3? And when can we expect for the Alumni Volunteer training in Area IV-1 to be available on MyScouting? I was just looking and don't see it as yet.
  6. I really hope they don't change things up. I have a Tiger Cub and we got his uniform big on him so he can wear it (hopefully) at least thru Bear. - Charlie
  7. Well, I guess if there are new req's, it s good thing I didn't go out and buy the book then. Which is what I planned on doing over the holidays...
  8. No problems here either! Pretty funny too.
  9. Well, now that we have the Centennial uniform, it's certainly not as clear as it once was. While the top 3 positions are the same, the POR patch is now worn on the sleeve pocket, the trained patch on the sleeve pocket flap as opposed to under the POR patch...
  10. That's awesome! Well, my son's only a 6yo Tiger Cub, so that gives me 8 years to drop the necessary weight and get into shape so he and I can go together.
  11. Well, it finally came in the mail today! I spoke w/ Owen McCulloch, the Asst. Dir. of Program over the phone yesterday and he assured me it had been sent. It came today and I called him and thanked him ever so profusely! It was replaced at no charge because, as his letter stated, "it cannot be purchased, only earned." I know it's not my original, but dang! it feels good to have it on my pocket again.
  12. I haven't had an issue. In fact, it's a bit longer than I'm used to. And I don't have a slender belly by any stretch of the imagination.
  13. Wow! This is an awesome thread w/ some awesome stories! Since I didn't earn my Eagle, the patches that mean the most to me are as follows: 1.Philmont Arrowhead patch - This was from 1988, during Philmont's 50th Anniversary celebration and had the gold border w/ the "50" on the image of the Tooth. My original has gone missing, but the powers that be at Philmont are graciously replacing it. It won't be quite the same, but still... 2. My 1989 "Miner '89er" Tonkawan District Fall Camporee patch. At the tender ages of 17 and 15(me), another member of my troop and I planned and organiz
  14. Well, I contacted Philmont a couple of weeks ago, provided the info they required, and got an email yesterday (Monday 11/2) in the affirmative! All they needed was my current address. So, hopefully a replacement 50th Anniversary arrowhead patch will soon be on the way! I'll let you know when it gets here! - Charlie
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