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    NYLT strip?

    I rold him that he could keep his VLSC strip or use the NYLT strip. He's going to choose the NYLT strip because he believes it's more prestigious (no arguments here). Thank you all for the feedback, it's much appreciated!
  2. Crew2116

    NYLT strip?

    One of my venturers recently went to NYLT. From this program he received the large patch, but he also received another patch that is very similar to a trained strip. Is this patch worn in the same manner? I haven't seen it worn by any other NYLT graduates.
  3. The ODL Venturing shirts are absolutely amazing. Tough and great looking! Im glad I bought ten of them in various sizes on clearance so even if I eat Big Macs for the rest of my life, I won't ever have to buy that terrible excuse for a new Venturing uniform.
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