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  1. Most children with special needs who are seen as violent are often only violent due to miscommunication frustrations. If we take a moment to pause and allow them to work through what they need to work through, the outburst will often be avoided. Yes, it takes a little more work, a little more patience, but scouting is about making it rewarding for all the scouts to the best of our ability. As leaders we must take the responsibility to work with children with various forms of special needs, if we just boot them to a different troop what message is that telling the other scouts? Now, in no way
  2. I'm sorry that we upset/miffed you. I just wish that: 1. you gave an indication that you were done with the conversation, (if you did then I apologize I did not see the social cues) 2. You had talked to us personally instead of posting this on a forum (it sort of reminded me high school drama that I'm trying to be quite done with) As for my actions in the submit a report conversation: My goal was not for you to change your mind (and again I'm sorry it came out that way) but my goal was for you to see there are other options besides a written report when being asked to submi
  3. This question came up in my diversity class for teaching and I was wondering how other people handle this in the scouting world: How do you celebrate the holiday's to include all religions,those who don't celebrate holidays and the family traditions of your scouts? Do you celebrate one, all or none? Have you come up with new ways to have one thing everyone can celebrate so as not to discriminate?
  4. Beavhah-It's hard to answer that question because I have never asked that question or looked it up. I'm sure some psychological study has been done, or it has been used in children around that age who needs therapy. I remember taking a similar test freshman year of high school and the Myer-Briggs pretty well matched it. Personally, I think it would be extremely similiar, if not the same if you took the test at 11 years old, then at 18, then at 30.
  5. I do agree that Department of Education is lacking in simple concepts and something needs to be done, but I don't agree that abolishing the DOE is the best way to go about it. I will agree that it needs some serious reform and common sense but it can be changed if our decided it might be smart to appoint someone there who knows what goes on in a school system and has actually lived it. As NCLB currently stands we are suppose to reach 90% profeciency on our standardized testing by 2014. Here's the major problem-it's not possible. Standardized Tests are "norm based" testing which is designed to
  6. Just to further Beavah's point on teachers-I starting subsitiute teaching as soon as I was out of high school (so I was 18). According to our SAU I am CERTIFIED to teach preschool through 8th grade, my SAU typically does not put subsititutes my age in the high school because it is to close of age (as of last year there were seniors that we actually older than me because I was/am a young graduate). As soon as I turn 20 I am eligable to teach at the high school level-if I had the desire to do so. At the age of 18 I also became a certified bartender through the Boston School of Bartending.
  7. Beavah-I am fully aware that even if I throw facts at people, they probably aren't going to listen to the facts because they are stuck in their ways, but hey, it's nice to be a smarta$$ sometimes!
  8. Why dont we look at the actual data and not speculate. I am currently in Psychology 202: The Psychology of Personality-so lets get technical. The formal definition of personality is as followed: Unique, relatively enduring internal and external aspects of a persons character that influence behavior in different situations. Now what the hell does this mean? Basically, our personality is what makes us behavior the way we do-externally shown to people and our internal thoughts and reactions to situations. KC9DDI, this does include maturity, judgment, experience, responsibility, leadership e
  9. Moosetracker-you do have the general idea on Rainbow, but it is more fun than you let on-it's just as much fun for me anymore because of my age. The International Order of the Rainbow for Girls, which is very much like Masons, Demoly, Eastern Star, Daughters of Job etc etc focuses on girls between 11 and 20 (or 21 if they want to extend) years old. The goal behind rainbow is to teach many things, including responsibility, leadership, communication, public speaking and learning who you are as a person. Yes we have meetings every other week, for me it was the second and fourth Monday, and then t
  10. Y'all heard how everything went last night and some may be curious about what I plan on doing as Cub committee chair. Here is what I am thinking. At somepoint our COR needs to confront me because last night I told her that I do not understand how can refuse us a vote after asking me to be Cub Committee Chair with the full knowledge that I am 19 years old, because that's backa$$wards. Her response wasn't much, simply "I'll have to findagle something". So when she confronts me I plan on telling her that I made a PROMISE to her, to the past Cub CC and the cubmaster that I would be there, I
  11. Basic government classes in high school and college state that you are a legal adult at 18 years of age, any book will tell you that. When it comes to BSA, at 18 years old (with insurance) you are allowed to drive the scouts to any outing, you are considered an assistant scoutmaster which is an adult job in itself. The older adults are suppose to be there to mentor us and help us succeed in our goals within scouts and even sometimes outside of scouts. But what can you do as a 19 year old who feels like the roles (in this situation) should be reversed and that feels like she has mor
  12. This is the future daughter in law who has decided to put her 2 cents in. Lisabob-I rather disagree with your it is very common for young adults to see the world in all-or-nothing, black & white, terms In todays society our young adults are more receptive to ideas and look at all sides of things instead of focusing on their own belief, in fact, it tends to be the older generation who get stuck in their ways and only want their way or the highway. Our situation is a perfect example. The adults who do not want us to vote are very clear in what they want and in our time trying to negoti
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