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  1. Thanks for the discussion. But still, it can't be that we complained about the high cost, because the cost is still right where it was. I guess you could make the argument that prices would have gone up if the manufacturing hadn't moved, though. I have to believe that the profit margin has gone up. Perhaps this is one way to make up the shortfall of reduced membership in BSA? I guess my big problem with it is the lack of info. It's like this was done in stealth mode - like someone did it and just hoped no one would care enough to say anything. No explanation from BSA at all. I went
  2. Hi all, I'm new to the forum, so if this has been covered, I apologize. I did do a few searches, and came up with very little. I've been serving as a den leader in my son's Cub Scout Pack for the last four and a half years, and my son just earned his Arrow of Light and crossed over into Boy Scouts. The program has been wonderful for both of us, and we're really looking forward to the new adventure. We decided to buy him a completely new uniform as a gift for earning his Arrow of Light, but I was taken aback when I went to get a new uniform shirt and saw a "Made in China" tag
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