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  1. Link: http://outside.away.com/outside/features/200410/iraqi_boy_scouts_1.html
  2. Our UW chapter no longer sponsors our local Council based on a mutual agreement considering the disagreement regarding inclusiveness (Homosexual leaders.) Since our company was pushing for employee participation, I did a *write in* for our BSA council. Only after I heard the UW takes admin fees from the pledge, I didn't realize that previously. The UW Chapter president is paid $194K/yr, that was another surprise to me.
  3. I'd say the majority of this story is on-target with my observation. I'm 32, with a 6yo TC and a 4yo who's ready for school and scouts as well, heh. I have not observed the consideration of achievement vs participation, but I'd assume rather that everyone is gearing for over-achievement and fixation on preparedness and goals. Observe the fear of jobs moving offshore and the realization that it takes nearly $100K/yr household income to have the home/2cars/family in top-250 cities. One is no longer competing with the top 15% to get in schools and jobs. Now, more folks are taking i
  4. Two days of wilderness/outdoor fun, check out what Central Texas scouts will enjoy this weekend: http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/expo/ Looking forward to a good time! JM in ATX TC DL
  5. We are using ScoutTrack, it's very handy. As a parent and tiger den leader, I find it very resrouceful. I can: Review the basic requirements for the rank, electives, academics/sports Enter my Son's advancement, by step Review the progress of other boys in the den Send email to Individuals, Den, Pack, or Leaders Review the Pack calendar. Schedule meeting reminders, with notes Record meeting attendance It's my first time using it, it's very simple and quick. No fluff. Yours in scouting, JM in ATX
  6. From a quick search: http://www.caves.org/nss-business/bog/app-g.html http://www.scoutresources.org/bs/caving/scouts_and_caving.html http://www.scoutresources.org/bs/caving/cave_exploring_by_youth_groups.html
  7. The river float would be a difficult decision. The New Braunfels river scene is certainly not a family-centric environment. This summer my family and a couple friends floated for my first time. I was hoping my 6yo didn't come out with a new vocabalary. He does not live in a sterile bubble, but girls lifting shirts for vodka jello shots, guys swigging beers, the aroma of mary-jane in the air....then the cursing ect. Not really a kids scene. If the older scouts can't appreciate a more natural setting, I'd say they are attracted to the party atmosphere (not surprising) but it's not a good thi
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