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  1. I missed the WB section of this topic, but it is kind of thought provoking to think what scouting would be like if it were started in this day and age. I do believe it would be almost impossible to start today, however i think it would be different regardless. I think first you need to look at the time lines and say, what would America be like if BSA wasn't around for the last 100 years or so. Too many people who had some scouting structure helped shape this great nation, and used there scouting values to do so. So with that the real question is, What would America be like without Scouting
  2. First off i read what i typed and how you deciphered what it was is amazing. I apologise for my mispelling and poor grammer. Second I would not send anyone packing over a hat. Im not sure what i would do if a boy showed up with a campaign hat it has never happened to my knowledge. if they did they would probably be made aware of the fact that it is not approved headgear for the cub program. however only after they were made the junior cubmaster for the day. I too agree that some of our by-laws are a little weird I know it is not a big deal to me if anyone else wears this hat. so if it b
  3. You can keep your cost and waste down by using sliced cheese for the previous days luch or super! Bill Q
  4. I agree, show up at your next district committee meeting voice your concerns there. it is there job to help you build start and run a unit. If they wont help you then go to your DE if he cant help go directly to the head of your council. Thats what these people are for remind them that without proper guidence in starting a unit then you cannot justify letting the FOS presenter into your next unit meeting. that should turn some heads. cause without FOS there is no money to pay these people. Bill Q,
  5. Are Kidding GWD? I know that ill be asking more questions than answering. I fake it through all of my committee and roundtable meetings. People often ask me how i know so much about scouting and simply tell them i dont know anything i just make sure all the new people hang out with me. Just kidding but thank you for the welcome. I am so glad to have found this site. Bill Q,
  6. This can bring up a whole lot of conversation. I wear a outback hat with my activity uniform, and a campaign hat with mt official uniform. I do not wear any hat while at a scout function in a church. Not because Scouts says no but the house of our Lord says no. The boys wear a rank specific hat and that id the only hat allowed in our by-laws. Our by-laws also sate that the cubmaster is the only one to wear the campaign hat. However other adults are allowed any other official bas headgear. Bill Q,
  7. Well i have a Committee meeting Tommarrow night and this will be a topic. I wanted some feedback as to what some other packs out there are doing. The price will be a factor as my den has perfect attendance for both den and pack meetings. We might change it up and buy the boys new rank book or something instead of the pin. this will help the parents and lets face it on the cub level it really isnt the boys decision to come or not. Thanks for all of your help. Bill Q,
  8. The 2005 Insignia Guide refers to the two types of uniforms a scout can wear as the "official" and the "activity" uniforms. I really think that the Current Insignia guide should be the end all be all answer for any questions on the uniform. Regardless of what our individual District's or Councils say. If you use the Insignia Guide to dress your self and a person questions what you have worn then you can simply show them where they are mistaking. On a personal note how many people out there are truly in the "official" uniform if they our there child wears blue Jeans as there Scout pants.
  9. Thank You, EaglenKy, I look forward to doing a few skits in my time on this board. BillQ,
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