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  1. In my experience, there are those who seem to go out of their way to be offended by something. And, there are those who seem to go out of their way to show how smart they are as often as possible. While both of these traits exist in the "real" world, they seem to be magnified online. And when these traits collide, someone is bound to get bent out of shape. When you feel your indignation building up, my advice is simple: Go outside and get some sun. Tod Bryant
  2. Thanks, one and all, for the thoughtful replies. I think I shall remain hatless for the time being. Never cared much for the campaign hat. There doesn't seem to be a blue and gold leaders hat anymore. I wore a red beret when I was a Scout in the mid-'70s, when our troop ushered at University of Oklahoma football games. I'm as likely to wear that again as I am to put on my old bell-bottom jeans again. Now I'll open a can of worms: How does one petition BSA to advocate changes to the uniform (leader hats, for example)? Or does one? Thanks! Tod Bryant Oklahoma
  3. A question for Cubmasters... What hat do you wear with your uniform? The uniform inspection form says to wear the "blue and gold visor cap." I have never seen an adult wearing one of those. I usually go hatless, but on the occasions where we're uniformed outdoors I'd like to keep the sun off my head.... Looking forward to useful replies... Tod
  4. When I was a Cub Scout, the tradition was to turn the BOY upside down and pin the Bobcat on him rightside up. He had to wear the pin (because Bobcat was a pin back then) upside down until doing a good turn. It was a simpler time. Today, turning the boy upside down is expressly forbidden in the Cub Scout Leader book. I guess too many got dropped on their heads. In our pack, we award the Bobcat in a nice, candlelit ceremony. Everything rightside up...
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