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  1. Our Troop uses Individual accounts and it works great. We have one fundraiser a year in the fall. All scouts must participate to help out the Troop and their accounts. The committee decides on the Troop/Scout split. It is generally 2/3 goes to the scout accounts. When outing paperwork comes out the boys can pay 3 ways. Cash, check or out of their accounts. We also allow them to purchase their own personal gear then give us a receipt for it and reimburse them. This way they take the responsibility of keeping their gear in good working order if they buy it themselves. We are an active troop t
  2. Have an adult Patrol on outings. We had in the past a helicopter parents that would even make his son's sandwiches! I remember the first time I went on an outing with my oldest son and the SM came over and gently told me that this was not cub scouts and to step away. Me being a Mom was so used to doing the things my son is going to learn that I hadn't even realized I was doing it. It was actually really nice for a change not to have to do the cooking! So every once in a while when I wondered over there you can bet the SM was watching me and gently reminding me to step away. Then I started
  3. Hi, My son is a Webelos 2 this year but would like to contribute if it would help. I think this is a wonderful idea. Our Pack is from Flushing, MI (just west of Flint). So if you would like you could write to us.
  4. I have a Boy Scout who is working on his Eagle. It has been frustrating at times like you are talking to a brick wall. My son is now a senior working on his Eagle. I really didn't want him to do it this late but sometimes they are not ready. You can try to get other leaders to talk to your son. Sometimes its eaiser if its not coming from a parent. Some boys are not leaders and may not want to get their Eagle. Scouting is a great program and should be a fun & rewarding for the Scout as it is for the parent. I know you may be disappointed that he doesn't make Eagle but that is his choice. Do
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