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  1. Wow such great responses I need to clarify one thing for the people reading and replying to this post Yes this is the Father of the Scout as we are both here now reading all the replies to what we posted yesterday. The questions my son has are of serious importance to him and his development if the facts were not presented correctly or in a manner written by a nine year old then the answers would not have complete value. Our intent was only to seek honest non biased opinions to a very serious and complex issue not to deceive ..we are very sorry for the misunderstanding we only hope that you a
  2. Hi I would like to know what other people think I am a first year Webelos and I have completed 70% of the book I earned my Webelos badge and also completed all the Arrow of Light requirements. I have done all this in four months and all my requirements were signed off by my Cub Masters. I am only 9 years old right now but my birthday is next month on Oct 14 and it is now Sept 5th I will be 10 years old then. My question is regarding the Arrow of Light requirements my book says Be active in your Webelos den for at least 6 months since completing the fourth grade (or for at least six months si
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