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  1. I didn't realize that, thanks.
  2. A question has come to mind - did the pack complete a trip permit? Was it approved?
  3. NHawk, My first thought is that perhaps you could volunteer to be an ADL for the second Webelos den. Then you could lend your experience to the DL without as much of a time commitment. And as for the Webelos rank, most activities are supposed to be done with the Den, not at home. Parents can't sign off on activities like they can in earlier ranks. There are a few activities that are to be done at home, and then the Cub is to discuss it at the den meeting. So, if all the Cubs are going to all the meetings, and doing all of the activities together, he shouldn't have to wait for anyone
  4. We did PWD with another pack this year and it went great. We're both smaller packs, so having both together made it a true event.
  5. We are in the same boat now. We have a Committee Chair who wants to step down, a Tiger Leader who is trained, and myself. I asked one of the dads to take over my Webelos den, and he's enthusiastic about it. The other DLs barely show up and we've almost lost the Wolves and Bears because of it. I've scheduled a parent's meeting for next week and we're going to discuss the plan for next year. Basically, I am going to see who is good at what and approach them individually to ask them to volunteer. Our parents are great, but they have litle knowledge of what's necessary to make this fun and success
  6. Hi, all, I recently stepped up as Cubmaster for Pack 8 in Spokane, WA. I have been Bear and Webelos I & II leader and my Webelos is crossing over. I still have a Tiger in the Pack, so I wanted to stay involved - I guess this is what happens when you say that! Anyway, I am here for any suggestions and useful tidbits I can gather. I am the only person in the Pack with more than a year experience, so I am steering the other parents toward creating what I think could be an awesome Pack. Sincerely, Shane
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