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    I strongly agree with what all Calico said; hands free lighting is great. And after flying Night Vision Goggle missions for my 20 year hiatus from Scouts, I truly learned the value of dark adaptation; maybe something that the guys today don't get enough of. No leader wants to explain a broken ankle to mom (or worse, a snake bite), but it sure is a neat experience to have the guys do a little unaided night hiking on good trail, and a full moon. The downside of these new high tech, mega-candle power gadgets is that even to a greater extent than with handheld flashlights, you really have to continually remind the guys about flashlight courtesy, and keeping those beams out of other people's faces. (No... no... not another kind of toten' chip!) Take care folks, SM
  2. smincz

    Not fun.

    I'm tellin' ya Eamonn, you gotta come down for a visit! And Gern got that right; but that goes for any temp. Take care folks!
  3. smincz

    Heating Your Tent

    This is a great discussion. I'll try to keep it all in mind if we ever hit the double-digit latitudes again someday. Our problem is keeping the tents cool! As to keeping it warm, I'm so glad there are so many new products out there now. Back in our days of the troops' canvas, floorless BSA Voyageur tents, all the Scouts would heat their tents with Campbell's Pork-n-beans. Glad things have improved, as we'd all wake up with sore throats from breathing through our mouths all night. Take care folks, and take it lite.... sm
  4. smincz

    So what do you do for a living?

    Wow, this has been one interesting ride DSTEELE started! If anyone knows where he ended up, or ever hears from him, offer him Regards and Congrats on behalf of all of us Looked like the train had slowed down enough, so I thought I would jump on and give it a shot... How about 20 active years in the Big Green Machine, the last 16 of which as a Rotor-head in Jet Rangers, Hueys, and Blackhawks. After hanging up the BDUs, the last eight have allowed me to split my time between staying close to home, semi-retired, and trying my best at being a Scoutmaster (2 years), while the other half of the month is dedicated to Mercenary Management in the War on Drugs in the jungles and Andean foothills of South America. Lifes a hoot; never dull... My wife (and ASM, God bless her) is a Stay-at-home-Mom. Now thats one scary job that I truly respect! Love you guys... drive on! MH
  5. smincz

    Local Boy Scouts see increase in members

    So good to hear that kind of news. From what I've heard in here lately, I wish more Council SE's would worry less about Popcorn, FOS, and selling old camps, and starting winning over local school boards. Hopefully this SE will write a "How To" book. Ed... admit it! You miss Brian, don't you? I do! :-) Ya'll take care, MH
  6. smincz

    Please excuse my ignorance…..

    Beavah... Ya' always be da man, eh! From what I've seen, we can always count of you for good input. Thanks! MH
  7. After making Eagle, and leaving the hometown for the big Green Machine at 18, I took about a 26-year hiatus from Scouts. Ive been blessed at having the opportunity to help restart a troop here, and be its first Scoutmaster for about 2 years now. Being literally at the end of the road, at the far end of Central America, we fall under Direct Service. Other than having one of the greatest ladies in the world in Irving to process our paperwork, we do not have a Council. After reading too many stories about bad blood in here, I dont know if that is an entirely bad thing. My heart goes out to folks who still trudge forward with delivering the promise to the younger guys, without the comfort of the feeling that you can count on everyone to be in your corner. (But then, I have GOT to believe that there are many Councils out there where there is a great relationship! Theres gotta be but maybe thats a different thread) The down side is that quite often, we still run across a situation where were the blind leading the blind. Thats where this forum has been of particular help. We dont have Round Tables available (yet) to hash things out, nor do we have Commissioners to bounce things by. So know that I for one really value the discussions here, regardless if whether or not I agree. Trying to get to a point here In trying to get a better grasp of how things are set up as they are supposed to be (and better understand some of these discussion), does anyone know where I can maybe find (hopefully online) a schematic, or org diagram that shows the different positions for Districts and Councils. Understanding who is Professional, and who is Volunteer is my biggest goal. If you can share anything on the Regional or National Level, that would be good too (but maybe a bit over my head for now) Along these same lines does anyone know of a map that shows the location of the different Councils? Am I asking too much? Ill be greatful for as much or as little info as anyone has time to share. Thanks again, and keep fighting the good fight! God bless.... MH An Expatriate, but never an ex-Patriot!
  8. smincz

    Private Summr Camp?

    Great input... Thanks for the Link Kudu. It's a very helpful article, and I can't wait to dig into the rest of the links on that page. Beavah, thanks for da advice too, eh. But... what you mentioned is part of the problem, not much help yet from the local folks. I figure that we will have the opportunity to set the standard for them! Thanks again for all the advice... please keep it coming! MH "An expatriate, but never an Ex-Patriot!"
  9. smincz

    Private Summr Camp?

    Hello Everybody! Hope everyones New Year is off to a good start. Being an overseas troop in Direct Service, we dont have a council or council property. The local national scouting association doesnt have a summer camp up and running either. A lot of our guys do get a chance to visit grandma in the States every now and then (as individuals), and a lot of times they hook up with a local troop and attend a hometown camp. But the prospects of us attending as a troop are sometime down the road. With that in mind, were going to try to get together a small summer camp as best we can in the near future. Yes, it will be a very limited program, but we need to get the guys the experience of a long term camp. It look like well just have to rent some property for a short term. I was wondering... with all the heartbreaking news of too many councils in the States selling off historic old camp property, is there any council that is already having to lease back property for a summer camp? Id hope thats not the case, but if it is, Id like to know how thats working out. Along that line, are there any troops attending Private Non Scout summer camps as a troop? I would also welcome the opportunity to correspond with any experienced camp directors for advice. Thanks for any input! MH
  10. smincz

    Regards from the Single-digit Latitudes

    Thanks for the warm welcome Trevorum and Crew Advisor! I like it here... think I'll just unfold a chair and stay awile! Crew21... I just sent you a PM; didn't want to bore everybody (just you unfortunately). Please let me know if you DIDN'T get it. Thanks again... MH
  11. Hello folks, My first post wowhad to start somewhere! As a Scoutmaster in a Direct Service Troop in the Tropics, I just wanted to say both hello and thanks to all the folks out there Thanks for letting me eavesdrop on all the great advice. Not having the luxury of Commissioners, norRoundtables, its great to have this tool. Like everybody else though, I dont always agree with everyones opinion. But I do agree that its great to be from a place where we can all agree to disagree! Thanks also to everyone for continuing to carry the flag for the kids, especially in the midst of all those who feel it is their mission to bring us down. Take care and God bless all of you!