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  1. Not from where I'm sitting. Works just fine for me? Would you mind trying again and let me know if you are still receiving and error and what it is? Thanks! Sharon
  2. ***have to be honest....its an ad, but its the truth!********** I have three kids in scouting...Cub, Boy and Girl. It's next to impossible to keep track of all of the dates and events, and paperwork. They need websites!...so that is what I build them! I used to be a programmer back in the real world. I built these websites for any type of scouting organization to use. Completely secure, and follows ALL BSA and GSUSA website guidelines! A MUST! Control at your fingertips. No need for a programmer. Easy to use, Up and running in minutes! Your tools.. Admin
  3. I think you did a wonderful job! Nice site!
  4. Glad I can help! If you need any assistance with anything, building your own site, Please don't hesitate to ask.
  5. I'm afraid I do not have the ability do what you are asking. I do know that godaddy.com offers hosting at a very cheap price. If you did want to give me a try, I am sure we can come up with a template and modify to me your and other chapters needs.
  6. and...feel free to email directly at support@smdscouts.com
  7. Feel free to be skeptical! Its free. I only ask for donations to cover my server costs. My only overhead is my server. It is a great tool and via suggestions, new features are being added all the time!
  8. Nope...Its a WYSIWYG. What you see is what you get I offer different templates and you can use tools within the site to make font/color/size changes in some areas. Sharon www.smdscouts.com
  9. I redesigned my master scout site...please tell me what you think www.smdscouts.com
  10. Websites can be a pain especially if they are built by a parent who then moves on! Been there done that. I created sites for my Cub, Boy and Girl Scout then melded them all into one. www.smdscouts.com I started out charging, but found I gave away more free sites as I couldn't turn anyone down because of size! So, free for all, not a free trial! Please check it out and let me know what you think!
  11. SMD Scouts now proudly hosts 293 scouting sites in 43 states and Germany! Remember, it is free, not a free trial, just plain free. www.smdscoust.com
  12. I am building an online advancement feature for my free scout website and was wondering what other people use. My husband's pack is very small so they dont use anything online. Right now, It works so that you click on your scouts name, and it takes you to a page with several tabs on it. The first tab shows the overall completion of achievements. Then you can tab down for more specific info and update when necessary. It then automatically updates the overall page. It all seems pretty straight forward, except for where the completion of one depends on the completion of one in anothe
  13. I am currently building a advancement tracker for Cub Scouts. I have had almost 100 new clients this month! I am thrilled. FAQ - yes, you can have your own url and point it to your new site! This is the most frequently asked question Sharon Miller www.smdscouts.com
  14. Have gained over 50 members in the month of October alone! Please check it out. New features have been added,like the ability for parents to sign up their cell phone number and be texted with updates to arrival times or cancellations or whatever. www.smdscouts.com
  15. WOW! I am so thrilled with the response to this website. Since posting my original offer, I hit 153 sites signed up to date! Even moved to a bigger beefier server!
  16. I have launched a new scouting website. It fits Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts and Venture Crews. Best yet, Its FREE! No, not free trial, but FREE. I used to charge but found it impossible to tell groups that could not pay, that they could not have it, so I found myself giving away a ton of free sites. So, To heck with it, its free for all! online Calendar Links Photo Gallery Committee Admin controlled Email lists Admin controlled Rosters Leaders Events FAQ's Forms. Soon to come, online event registration It follows all Scouting guidelines, as ther
  17. Check out www.smdscouts.com Its mine. I built it. I dont charge for it. I dont have annoying ads. It has: Online calendar Events FAQ's Photo Galleries Links Committee etc etc It is admin controlled. That is, I dont admin it, you do. You can also keep a roster of you boys in there and use it for an email list. This site follows all BSA and GSUSA website guidelines. I originally built it form my husbands pack, then modified it for my kids cub scouts, boy scouts, and girl scouts. Yes, Three kids, three scouts! Check out a live site... www.carypac
  18. Launched my new scouting site. www.smdscouts.com Need feedback... YOu can enter in the zip code of 60013 to see three different types of scouting pages. Thanks in advance!!!
  19. No offense. and I didn't think I was being snide. I am thrilled that the site is working for you.
  20. Just wanted to toss this out there...I created a website for my daughters service unit (and my boys cub and boy scout troops) I just recently turned it into something anyone could use. I follow scouting guidelines very strictly! if you are interested...I would love input! www.smdscouts.com Sharon support@smdscouts.com
  21. How wonderful..Our camp has over 300 girls. Talk about stressful. We have done Knot just another camp (camping theme) Under the big top (circus) Water theme with fishing ( I cannot remember the name) We are doing amazing race this year! I am so excited! Swaps will be a pain but I have high hopes!
  22. Did everyone find a solution to this? Out of necessity and out of a need to keep track of my kids scouting activities, (oldest just received his arrow of light!!) I built a site that could be used by all three of my kids (they are each at a different level, scout type ie., gs also) www.smdscouts.com I offer nothing hidden! Heck, I dont even email you! my sons pack www.carypack457.org Question....contact me sharon support@smdscouts.com
  23. Thats funny. They spam so much that they offer an explanation and an apology! Tell you what..I built www.smdscouts.com after my sons cub scout and then boy scout troops needed sites. I only build out of my own selfish need to keep track of them. Course, then my daughters GS troop needed one..So I created one stop shopping www.carypack457.org is my sons old site. He just moved up so I am now populating their new BS site.
  24. www.carypack457.org I created www.smdscouts.com after I built my sons site. Now that he has moved up, his BS troop is using it as well as my daughters GS Troop >
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