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  1. ScoutLass, This whole thing was actually born out of trying to decide how to approach my own troops needs for a website. I am one of the adult leaders for the troop, and the one with the highest technology IQ, so I've been the one spearheading a lot of the research. After looking around at what people were doing it felt like there had to be better options, but it also felt a little like there were some things missing. Part of the reason for conducting the survey is to see if the current options are adequate, and whether something better/different can be offered. I haven't decide
  2. Over the last several months I've spent a great deal of time trying to figure out what options there are for creating an online presence. As I've gone through this process I've determined that many of the options out there just don't seem complete, at least not for how I envision the solution. That said, it got me to thinking about the problem, and I decided that I needed to gather some more information from people that are in the same position, and looking to create websites for their own groups, or that have created websites. Thus was born the Scouting web site survey. Please take a
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