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  1. Good idea but I doubt national will listen, I mean were not the professionals right? I would like to see all the skills stuff put back in and all the pretty pictures taken out. It seemd to me that was was kept in the book was just dumbed down.
  2. I serve as my troops rep for our district roundtable. This was after we stopped attending b/c the people running it were doing a lame job and it was a waste of time. Not that things have changed but we wanted to go back and see if they had. However I think if well run they can be a good source of info and networking.
  3. Seattle: I'm still waiting for you to answer the question someone previous put to you asking when push ups become oppressive. But then again weren't you the one that thought it acceptable to throw the scout's hot dog in the fire? I've seen SM and other adults that bully the kids and treat them like they are in the military and I have no tolerence for that. I don't always have time to change into my uniform before a meeting or distrcit round table. I would like to see someone tell me to do push ups for that.
  4. If you don't like the hot dogs then I guess you could always would throw them in the camp fire.(This message has been edited by sitrep)
  5. I don't think it is being either unfair or petty. The forms are required by the BSA not you and you should not feel bad about enforcing the rules. You should stress that the forms are for the scouts' saftey.(This message has been edited by sitrep)
  6. ManyIrons: Your question has nothing to do with the thread and is just an excercise in internet pop psychology. Are you going to ask me next if I wet my bed or if my parents spanked me as a child? But I'll humor you tell you that I'm not not bitter eventhough I know you won't believe me. My statment about the OA being a popularity contest comes from my personal observation as both a scout and an ASM. I've seen both boys and parents hurt by the fact that the election is a populaity contest. Popularity contests may be fine for regular elections like PL, SPL and the like but not for so
  7. Scoutnut: You do a good job of avoiding my question and focusing on things like the elections. I said "So you are really telling us that the OA is not a secret society? How does an elite (or rather I should say exclusive) group further the aims of scouting?" But it is mostly my second question that is the heart of the objection to the OA. As far as your council's OA work weekend yes I'm sure I could come but only to certain events, right? I just don't think a group like the BSA with it's ideals needs an exclusive group.
  8. gavvin: Tell us where is the "skill" involved using a GPS. Finding a clear spot for reception or hitting the button?
  9. I go for C. But I have to say this thread is pretty ridiculous. I'm more concerned with kids seeing graphic violence on TV and movies than I am with a little T&A. tortdog: Shouldn't you be tortfeasordog?
  10. ScoutNut: So you are really telling us that the OA is not a secret society? Let see they have selective membership and secret ceremonies. Even on this board they have their own forum that is only accessable to those with the proper password. How does an elite group further the aims of scouting?
  11. Scoutldr: Were you around back then? I think not, so I doubt you can tell me that the BSA back then was lacking something so vital that only the addition of the BSA own secret society could make up for it. Can anyone tell me why the BSA really needs the OA, except for some people to better about themselves?
  12. kenk: I agree that the BSA YP is very important, however, I think that like everything else it can be taken too far and that you question is approaching that limit.
  13. LauraT7: Why does it matter if you are in the OA? The way I see it the OA is just a big popularity contest. I think it is terrible that there is some "special" group that only certain scouts can belong too. The BSA was just fine the way it was before the OA appeared.
  14. If the girls scouts put half the effort they put into their program that they put into their cookies then they would be quite something. For the most part I think the BSA is just fine they way it is and hope it doesn't change. If the BSA does we might as well be learning for life.
  15. Dug: Why is the boys saying we are tired right now and want to eat later being lazy? I sometimes say the same thing after I come home from work. As someone said earlier the SM had a tantrum b/c the hands on his cock said to do something had to be done right now. The one boy was hungry so he did the resonable thing and tried to feed himself.(This message has been edited by sitrep)
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