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  1. Yes one of the older boys is going to be troop guide. How can you have a patrol with 2 scouts and one being not a scout rank and the other a tenderfoot? They do not know much yet.
  2. Looking for a feedback on what is the minimum and maximum in a patrol. Seems everywhere I look it appears to be different, is there an official page for min and max? This website appears to be from the Troop Leader Guidebook http://troopleader.org/types-of-patrols/ and this website http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/BoyScouts/PatrolLeader.aspx . Both are good but seem to differ. Our situation is, we have 7 new scouts that joined last night. The scouts decided to put them into a new scout patrol. Our current scouts, which are 4 or 5 scouts. 4 or 5 because one just became Eagle and will
  3. Our troop is doing better than last year. All scouts have exceeded their goals except 2; however sales are not over. We sell at Frys and Safeway grocery stores the first two weekends and this year we added Lowes. They also go door to door and sell to family and friends. The scout earn 38% since they do not want the prizes and it all goes into their scout account. This year the scouts decided to take 10% and put into the general fund. I have gotten donations from various businesses to use a prizes for top sellers etc and it works out well and keeps them motivated. The one thing I don't like a
  4. You are correct it does send emails everytime to change anything. I also did email the DE a couple days ago, but have not heard back. I thought I was doing something wrong.
  5. Blancmange, Where on Scouter.com do you sign up for a website. I've looked but have had no luck. I'll also check out google sites. Thank you
  6. Does anyone know of a free website for Scouts when you search say Google, it will find the Troop? I did find one from scoutlander and started creating our new troop a website, but if I do a google search it will not find us. Scoutlander told me it is the way google lists them. Since we are a new troop we do not have money to pay for this at the moment. I am not someone who builds website or know exactly how they work so if anyone can give some guidance in the area I would appreciate it. Thank you
  7. Our troop just signed up for Be A Scout and we are having problems with getting the correct unit website to show. I copied and pasted our website in this place but it always reverts back to the council office. Anyone else have this problem?
  8. Yes, we also talked about have the indiviudal accounts used for their dues, OA events, uniforms etc. Basically it was their choice how they spent their money, of course scout related. The general account we thought was for what startup costs we need (Patrol patches, troop numbers, Class B, ECOH rank advancement, MB, neckerchiefs and approx 4 -6 webelos crossing over). Once this was accomplished either as a percentage of fundraising or all the fundraing till the money is in the general account. Then at that point each fundraiser was divided between the boys who showed and in their individua
  9. Thank you Fred8033. I have been dealing with finances/leadership for over 2 years from the prior troop and it was not fun, way too much drama for me. Being a new troop with good parents we now have an opportunity to do thing different. Of course we well never all agree on everything, but we are pretty close. Our leadership with the adults/scout is really good. The SM and the ASMs are wonderful and this is the first time I have ever seen the SM and ASMs allow the boy to take full advantage of the patrol-method. It is a little strange to see them sit in the back of the room and not get inv
  10. Hi Everyone I would appreciate your help and feedback as this forum seems to have an enormous amount of combined experience. I apologize for this post being pretty long. My son and two other boys (Eagles) wanted to start a new troop due to the prior troop being adult lead and some negativity by adults. I found the church and the boys within one week made it happen. 15 scouts (3 different troop, 4 younger and the rest older and Eagles), SM, 2 ASMs and 9 committee members, we had our first weekly meeting the beginning of this month, I am impressed by their dedication and willingness.
  11. We had this issue in the prior troop where the committee wanted to remove the CC from her position and from the troop. The CC was coming off like a dictator, constantly quoting policy and procedures. CC had a hard time running the meeting and keeping everyone on task mainly because of the CC constant input to everything. Any committee meeting I have been in the CC, runs the meeting with no input except if we truly are going against policy and procedures. I don't know if that is correct or not, but that is how is has been for me. As far the committee knew the only policies and procedures B
  12. We are a brand new troop as of a couple weeks ago. Many of the Scouts got tired of it being adult lead so here we are in a new troop as of a couple weeks ago. We are learning the ropes, so to speak. It was brought up by the committee chair that the COR had to be registered as a COR and committee chair to have a vote at our committee meetings. Most of us thought that was silly since he has voting rights at council and district level and since the COR is over the committee, so to speak we thought he automatically had voting rights. He only registered at coucil as a COR, so we really just wa
  13. Are you saying they are the same person? We have a Committee Chair and a COR, who does attend our meetings and yes we vote. However the Committee Chair said it is policy that the COR also register as a committee member in order to have a vote on the committee. I could not find that policy anywhere but then again our Committee Chair things everything is a policy. The only policies I know of is the Guide to Safe Scouting and policies from National.
  14. Does the COR have to register as a committee member and COR to have a voting right on the committee?
  15. Our troop is considering purchasing Troopmaster Web. I noticed that most of the posts are not recent and I would like to receive your opinions now that some of you have been using Troopmaster Web for a while. Pros and Cons?
  16. Troop22 - Why would you have to convince the Committee if the scouts are trying to raise money for camp trips etc. that they decided to go on? Why would the Committee not support the scouts decision unless it is a safety issue?
  17. Thank you. In AZ we also have MLB, Festivals, State Fair etc. Did you guys know someone at these places to get started or did you just pick up the phone and call the place? Any words of wisdom that worked to get the job or who you contacted.
  18. I am looking for some good fundraisers that do bring in a pretty good amount of money for the scouts and do not involve selling. I have heard before of scouts not necessarily parking cars but directing the cars where to park making $3000. Has anyone done this before and who did you contact to get this kinds of fundraiser? Our troop would like to do Floria Seabase so they need a few good funraisers.
  19. I did the job she did for 4 years and there is always checks made out to our troop that is what the popcorn kernel tells them. I dont think she know who we even bank with so I dont think the checks will be signed. I will find out more at tonights meeting if she brings the checks/money. I guess I dont know what to say exactly I feel if she deposited the money into her personal account that is not good. Maybe I am being too black and white but I think all money collected for anything should be deposited into troop account and checks to pay bills out of the troop account. Here is another
  20. I am not sure if some of you remember a post I did a couple months ago regarding how to do the Treasurers position which I have taken over, how our troop charges $160 for Scout dues, the only fundraiser the Scouts do is popcorn and most of parents are doing parent led instead of boy lead. It is out of hand with all the parent control freaks we have in our troop. Adults talking about others, sending separate emails to each other to make sure the Scouts do what they want even parents not letting their kids come to the PLC meeting. Gosh we even have a patrol that is having a patrol meeting at
  21. Is there a BSA rule written some where that Scout money cannot be deposited into a personal checking account? I would think that all monies would go into the Troop Account. For example, when the Troop is finished selling popcorn, that money would go to the Treasurer to be deposited into the Troop account and then a check from the Troop account written to council.
  22. Our Troop would like to do a service project at the Heard Scout Pueblo. I had another person tell me that this would not be considered a service project because it is a Boy Scout Camp. I have never heard of this and I have seen other Troops this as a service projects. I could not find anything on our council website to tell me if this was true or not. Any thought?
  23. Thank you Remember Schiff! I did go to the bank with the prior Treasurer and switched everything over to me, just received my first bank statement last week and only 1 deposit and 4 checks were done so I think I can get that part under control. I am the only signer on the account, who would you recommend would be the second signer? The troop has never done any budget planning meeting and everyone writes check whenever they want and floats money all the time. Seems like they fly by the seat of their pants, so to speak. I have never seen the Scouts have a budget for food when they camp
  24. I just took on the position in our Troop as Treasurer and unfortunately, I do not really exactly what this position involves so I am looking for some guidance. What I received from the last treasurer was a bunch of handwritten information with her own coding method, receipts and a check register that has never been balanced. The only item that I can understand/read is how much money is in each of the Scout Accounts, which from my understanding is really one account (Troop Account); however the Scouts are just separated from the Troop account. I know the troop does not have money to purchase
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