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  1. Yes, it's been some time since any reply, I know. I've been too busy. At any rate; ~ It is, as mentioned at times, too hard to say no and I get into that rut. I guess folks know that. Our pack has no troop to look forward to joining. There are also things like paper people in various places. I have fixed that at the pack level. However, helping them to understand their roles is a little difficult but I'm working on it. The Charter Rep. is basically a non-functioning role. The organization really wants no part in the pack despite repeated requests for help and trying to explain their role in th
  2. I am involved with our local scout pack. I have no boys in anymore, they are in boy scouts. I am having trouble handing the reins over, no one will take them. You've heard it before, I'm sure, plain old apathy. How do I get these people to understand that it's THEIR boys not mine they are unwilling to lead. After an hour and a half meeting I did finally get all of the positions needed filled. Trouble is, a den leader quit. No one will step forward to fill his shoes. Naturally I have been doing it. The boys are great kids. In fact I think at the last meeting they did a butter up job. LOL They w
  3. This is such a debated subject, is it not? I don't think it will ever be satisfactorily solved. Personally I have not yet met the 13 year old Eagle that is mature enough to hold the rank. I am not saying that he isn't out there, I'm simply saying I haven't met him yet. Then again in my council there aren't too many of them. National cannot be held accountable, IMHumbleO, for what some folks call merit badge factory troops. I have seen them myself. I wish there was a way to halt this activity, but I don't know how to do it. Of course it makes the boys who actually earn the badges feel less than
  4. FLA_scouter, just a friendly reminder that family camping is for cubs up through Bears. Once you get to Webelos, that's where the boys get to start the overnight camping with an adult family member. I would hesitate to take even our small pack out to the zoo/camping with just two deep. I'm sure this is not how you meant to word it and we have mentioned this in different forums before. (That being, it's difficult to say and word it as we mean to.) However, you are right, it's good to always have an extra set of eyes available. You also have a great idea with your outings. Our October pack meeti
  5. I don't really think that the rank of Eagle has been cheapened, particularly by National. I think perhaps the perception of it has become that way for the following reason. For instance, I believe many of us have mentioned here the "Eagle factories" or those that are the opposite, making them wait until they are much older, despite their abilities. To see troops time and again rolling out Eagles at a young age, makes a person wonder if the boy has earned it or if the committee earned it for the boy. On the other hand, I live in a community that has respect for the Eagle scout. Many busin
  6. As you saw in the prior posts there is no minimum age for Eagle but there is a maximum of before the 18th birthday. So saying, you will find many boys becoming Eagle at 14. This was discussed in another forum as to the maturity of the age for an Eagle. But as discussed also, that is not for us to decide. Wwakemen, as the parent of a future Eagle, if he gets his rear in gear darn soon, I'm not sure that I agree that this generation is smarter than "yours". I think perhaps they have just swayed the vote. :-) It seems that there is a certain age where they lose interest. Perhaps, there needs to b
  7. SMK, you are correct in that this is a transition time for the boys. It's also a transition time for the parents. They may be unsure of their roles. You yourself have a large den. Ten boys is borderline for two dens. Add an extra boy or two and I would think of adding an extra den. But that isn't what you asked about. So, keeping parents excited is one of the difficult parts of scouting. That's how we lose many of the boys, because they rely on their folks to get them to the meetings. I would suggest you plan some parent-son overnighters. As you know a parent must accompany their son on an ove
  8. Schroeder, I don't have a copy of the current Webelos book with me. My son was in the "transition year" for the new book. I checked with the Webelos leader in my pack and another Webeblos leader to double check, particularly since I am the cub trainer for my district. (After my training session this Saturday, I am purchasing the new Webelos book, compliments of the training session!) They mentioned that there are seven listed requirements, and that the boys need only do six. I suggest you do the other six and not do this one. If you choose to do this one, your council service center should be
  9. Schroeder, I'm sorry can you tell me where in the Webelos book it says they have to read this booklet. I have been out of the Webelos program for just a few months but I don't recall them having to do that. Enlighten me and I will try to help you.
  10. Thanks Mike. Kind of frightening, you know, when I came here tonight and saw it right on the menu bar. LOL I appreciate the web addy, though. Happy Scouting. :-)
  11. I have been referred to scoutsL for suggestions on different things. Thing is, I can't locate it. Finally Scouting mag did mention that it is hidden here in www.scouter.com. Someone want to enlighten me as to where, please? Thanks. :-)
  12. RE: Mike Long & etal, scrolling to the bottom of this is quite difficult to reply properly, isn't it? lol But to be sure, we all need realize that these written words are just that. While we may think we have thought them through, like I did, they may not be as clear as we thought. Take mine. I am a trainer. The first thing I teach new leaders is, you guessed it, two deep. And better yet, if they can - three deep. My spouse and I are both registered BSA leaders, also merit badge counselors, so technically we could do merit badges with our sons. This would not be something I would want to d
  13. As a Unit Commissioner for a boy scout troop I have to disagree with slontwovvy in his troop's way of doing the Eagle "thing". I have to wonder if his troop is a boy run organization or is it leader run? The standards for Eagle are set by National NOT by the unit. To "shout" that no one gets Eagle before 16 is perhaps something that the advancement chairperson for your District should be wondering about and looking into. I wholeheartedly agree that 13 is far too young to get Eagle, whether the boy has done the requirements or not. I, in my experience as a scouter have not seen a scout yet show
  14. The Webelos Den and the Troop are run differently. Very much so. You need to get trained for both positions as soon as it becomes available. Your Scoutmaster is long overdue for training. I agree that perhaps you should take training together, however there may be some animosity there. As the Committee Chairperson, you are in charge of the governing body of the troop. You and the committee may ultimately "fire" this Scoutmaster if he does not come up to par. Are the other committee people equally unsatisfied with the quality of program he and his assistants are helping the boys provide? Perhap
  15. Tired Cubmaster, if the situation was handled properly at camp, let it go. Knife safety is dealt with in the Webelos book and perhaps should be gone over in the den. Don't make the boy feel like he has committed a "crime" twice. Don't punish the boy but make it a positive thing in some way. Boy scouting and cub scouting build character, not tear it down. Next time there is a camp, be sure the boys know that no knives go to camp.
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