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  1. I plunked down the $70 for Record keeper this year, and to be honest I still find myself going back to my Excel sheets. The program is good, but cumbersome. In a perfect world where all leaders turn in advancement forms and you can gather all past records to load into the program it would be a fantastic tool. I realize that I'm not exactly answering your question, it just seems like these programs require a lot of maintenance, which takes time away from what we are really here for. The boys.
  2. Our Council has a new program this year dealing with Webelos to Scout transition. They have a staff that deals with this critical time in our boys lives. Contact your council to see if they have a representative for this program. Also get your local troop involved. We brought back a boy scout that used to belong to our pack as our den chief. Fortunately for us his dad is very involved. Good Luck!
  3. Try assigning them duties, make them responsible for their sons success or failure within the program. In our dens we use guilt as a powerful tool. Parents do not like to think they are letting their kids down. (It may sound extreme, but if used properly it works wonders!) Let them know upfront that you will not hold their hands. As long as you are publishing your information in a timely manner it will be up to them to follow through. Good Luck, I'm sure others will agree that this is not a new problem. Mike Cubmaster Pack 882
  4. We recently had an incident at camp involving a young cub scout a Webelos scout and a pocket knife. We are taking this very seriously. No one was injured, and the older scout was talked to and apologized. What course should we as a pack take now? Do we let it die? Do we pursue it further? Do we punish him in some manner? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Tired Cub Master
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